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The Zoni are a mysterious group of characters first introduced in Future Tools. They appear to replace the Gadgebots for the Clank parts of the game, since you are able to give them commands.

  • Commands
    • Fix
    • Energize
    • Manipulate
    • Slow Time and Levitate

They are only seen by Clank, and first come to him after he is knocked out. They show his a vision of the future, which relates to where to go next in a level, and throughout the game, show him other visions of where to go next (ultimately leading to the discovery of the Lombax Secret, which they want R&C to destroy). They also help him out by giving him upgrades, the Geo-Laser and Robo-Wings, which seemingly appear to come out of nowhere (which Ratchet notices, and he starts to think that Clank is going crazy because he keeps talking to someone/something that is not there). The Geo-Laser allows Clank to find weak spots in certain walls and blast the wall open, and the Robo-Wings allow Ratchet to fly around certain levels that have launch pads.

The Zoni appear to be flying ghostly robots, and have a very mysterious presence in the game. Their mysterious and questionable presence is further accentuated at the end of the game, when they appear to everyone (not just Clank) and proceed to take Clank away in a mysterious portal, telling him that it is time for him to come home with them, find out who hs is, and meet his true destiny. Ratchet and the others can do nothing to stop them, so Clank gets taken away, and the game ends there.

It is quite obvious that the Zoni will be major characters in the next game in the series, for now being known as Ratchet and Clank Future 2.

They returned in Quest For Booty, and will return for the A Crack in Time.



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