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When you first meet up with Qwark in the game, he is living in a jungle with monkeys and he does not remember his life. This is a problem because he is the only person who has defeated Nefarious in the past. To unlock his memory, you must find 5 Vid-Comics scattered throughout the game. Once you find one, you must go to the Phoenix ship and play it, and win of course. The comics are 2D side scrolling adventures where you control Captain Qwark himself in 5 different worlds, defeating enemies with your fists or weapons while trying to reach the end of the world. In the comics you can obtain some weapons like a flamethrower and rocket launcher, run and jump around, climb ladders, fly down zip lines, defeat enemies and bosses, and more. When you beat a comic, it unlocks a cutscene and part of Qwarks memory involving his defeat of Nefarious.

In addition to restoring Qwarks memory, by collecting all 5 Vid-Comics and completing them you unlock part of the story, which can include planets to visit or where to find someone you are searching for.

Within each Vid-Comic, there are many things to do besides complete it. Throughout each level there are 100 Qwark tokens. You do not need to collect all 100 during your first play of the comics, but you should collect them all at some time. Some are easy to find and can easily be collected, but some are hidden or are hard to reach. There are mainly single tokens, but there are also some special red tokens that count for 10 tokens. Also hidden in each level is a health upgrade, which restores Qwarks health and gives him some more in his health bar (which can be useful for boss fights).

In addition to these aspects of the comics, there are also some skill points and titanium bolts to collect. By collecting all 100 tokens in each comic, you earn a titanium bolt (5 in total are collecting from the Vid-Comics) and one skill point (Strive for Arcade Perfection). To collect the skill points, you must beat each comic in a certain time, which can only be done by using shortcuts and trying not to collect tokens. Below is a list of each comic and the time you need to get to earn each skill point.

Vid-Comic #1: Pirate Booty! (NTSC)/Booty Is In The Eye Of the Beholder (PAL)
You need to beat the comic in under 2:40.

Vid fish.jpg

Vid-Comic #2: Arriba Amoeba
You need to beat the comic in under 2:10.
Vid blackwater2.jpg

Vid-Comic #3: Shadow of the Robot
You need to beat the comic in under 1:50.

Vid robo.jpg

Vid-Comic #4: Deja Q all over again
You need to beat the comic in under 4:45.

Vid met.jpg

Vid-Comic #5: The Shaming of the Q
You need to beat the comic in under 2:00.

Vid ice.jpg

  • There is also one hidden vid-comic in the game (obtained by pressing your directional button Up when you are on the level 1 selection and then choosing to play it), but it has no importance to the story or the game itself.

Vid hidden.jpg

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