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Captain Qwark in his hero suit

Captain Qwark's real name was Copernicus Leslie Qwark. He was a self made super hero from the Solana Galaxy. He went to Kerwan learning annex at one point, and most of the galactic population thought him to be a hero. His true identity was that of a greedy coward who would do anything for publicity or money. Qwark was also a very stupid person, not releasing he had been tricked or used until it was pointed out to him. The only thing he seemed to be good at was flying a ship. Qwark wore a suit to make him look more like a super hero. It was green, with a blue and black atom and a yellow lightening bolt on the chest. There was also a yellow belt and an antenna on his head. Skrunch, a Cyclophic Monkey, was Captain Qwark's monkey sidekick, and wore a Q-Force suit.




Qwark was also featured in and co-narrated the Qwark vid-comics which outlined his early adventures which we got to play. They helped in getting Qwark his memory back, and where playable in Ratchet and Clank:Up your Arsenal. The vid-Comics where as follows:

  • Vid-Comic 1 - Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Vid-Comic 2 - Arriba Amoeba
  • Vid-Comic 3 - Shadow of the Robot
  • Vid-Comic 4 - Deja Q All Over Again
  • Vid-Comic 5 - The Shaming of the Q
  • Unreleased Vidcomic


It is unknown what species Qwark is, he was thought to be human, but as he is over 10 feet tall, and has an antenna it is thought he cannot be human.


Names he has gone by, or been called

  • Steve McQwark
  • Stefan Qwarkanopolus
  • Finnegan O'Qwarksalot
  • Walter Qwarkowski
  • Herschel Qwarkenstein
  • John Quincy Qwark
  • Lucius Von Qwark
  • Shirley Bigguns
  • Florana Tree Beast
  • Strong Jaw
  • Abercrombie Fizzwidget
  • Captain Qwark
  • Subject 23A