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Clank is a small robot, programmed with an artificial intelligence, and he is also Ratchet's long-time companion and best friend. He was created at a robot plant on the planet Quartu. The name "Clank" emerged when Ratchet made his handmade ship rock while flying to planet Novalis, causing the small robot to hit the side of the ship and making a clank sound. Clank's serial number was B542967.



Clank was diminutive in size 2'2" and 17 lbs. He had green "eyes" and was made of metal. When he was angry, his "eyes" had 2 covers which closed slightly looking like eyebrows.

Giant Clank

Ratchet and Clank

You first are introduced to Clank's gigantic robot form in this game on planet Quartu. After following the left path for awhile, you will reach a little man by a machine on the ground. When Clank steps on the machine, he is transformed into Giant Clank. You can punch things with your fists, shoot out little homing missiles, jump around, and shoot a special energy blast attack. As Giant Clank, make your way to a circular arena entrance, blow up the door and enter, where you have a fight with a rather large robot called the Ultra-Mech and some flying helicopters. Simply blast away the helicopters with your missiles, and attack the Ultra-Mech with your missiles and special, and punch him when possible.

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You next use Giant Clank on the final planet, Veldin, to take out Drek in the first of two final boss stages. After you battle your way though the level, near the end you are able to transform into Giant Clank. Do so, and destroy everything in your path until you reach the large circular area, where you meet up with Drek and first fight him. Attack him until he runs away, and from there its Ratchet's turn to take him on.

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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

Giant Clank is back for the second installment of the series. You use him twice in the game: once on planet Dobbo and once on planet Damousel. On Dobbo, you follow the right path until you meet a character infront of a Giant Clank machine on the ground.

When you transform, you fly to a circular world to fight a large enemy. Helicopters blast you with missiles as you try to take down the main enemy. The circle world is packed with destructable buildings, missile ammo, and even health (so make sure you stay healed up as much as possible).

The best way to take down the enemy is to punch him with your fists, but he also takes to the sky, so you can use your missiles and special blast to attack him. Try not to worry too much about the helicopters, but if you find that they are swarming you, take them out with missiles or punches. Or you can always just jump high in the air and stomp on them. Since the world is circular, you might lose the main boss a few times, so simply jump high in the air and search for him from above.

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You use Giant Clank next on planet Damousel, which is overrun by the evil little Protopets. From the start of the level, cross the little bridge and go left. Jump on the portal in the room you will enter, and it will take you to a world where you fight a large UFO enemy. The UFO will drop down robots, which will cause you the most trouble because they are pretty strong. Either give them a few punches, or jump in the air and land on them, which will probably save you a lot of health. Since the UFO has a forcefield around it, you cannot damage it. But occasionally it will lower and drop some robots, and when it does this the forcefield will go away temporarily. Shoot it with missiles whenever its forcefield goes away. When the UFO is near defeat, it will move inside a large ring and will be protected by electricity. For this part of the battle, jump on the ring and blast it with missiles while strafing left and right on the ring, trying to avoid its attack. If you need health or missile ammo, just jump off the ring and go find some.

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Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Clank can transform into his gigantic robot form once again. Giant Clank is as destructive as ever, and this time ties into Clanks television show "Secret Agent Clank". You must fight a flying/fighting beast known as the Terror of Talos on a large city-like set in Holostar Studios, which is fully destructable, while tiny military tanks, helicopters, and Giant Ninjas attack you. The tanks and helicopters do little damage to you, but the ninjas can be slightly pestering, so try to take them out and focus on the main boss. When on the ground, barrage him with your punches, which will do most of the damage. When in the sky, barrage him with missiles, since you obviously cannot punch him.

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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

Giant Clank can be used in this game, but it is much different than from any other game in the series. Instead of using him in a free-roam battle on land, he is used in space fights in this game. You control him as if he were a ship that Ratchet is piloting, and fly through space taking out enemies with your weapons and dodging space debris, until you reach the end of the "level" and face a boss. There are a few occasions of this in the game.