Up Your Arsenal Skill Points


[edit] Florana

Stay Squeaky Clean - Complete the Path of Death without taking any damage from enemies or hazards. Just go slow and plan out your movements during the fire trap sequences.

[edit] Starship Phoenix

Strive For Arcade Perfection - Get 100% in all five Qwark vid-comics. You will be rewarded this Skill Point once you've completed all of the vid-comics, collecting 100% percent of the Qwark token in each.

Turn Up The Heat - Purchase the Infernox Armor. This special Armor will become available after you save the Phoenix from attack late in the game. You will find it up for sale at the Armor Vendor on the Phoenix.

Beat Helga's Best Time - Complete Helga's VY Hypershot training under 0:50. Go through the VR training once via the Holodeck, then try it again (the Hacker doors will be unlocked), getting through it as quickly as possible.

Monkeying Around - Hit Scrunch the Monkey with Ratchet's Wrench. Scrunch can be found on the bridge and you must chase him down and strike him before he gets away.

Set A New Record For Qwark - Beat 2:40 in vid-comic Issue 1. If you've already gotten the Titanium Bolt, just ignore the Qwark Tokens and keep moving. Try to cut corners whenever possible and use the Restart Level option if you mess up to quickly try again.

Set A New Record For Qwark - Beat 2:10 in vid-comic Issue 2. As with the previous vid-comic maximize your time by ignoring the Qwark Tokens and keep moving. Shoot the blaster ahead of time to hit any enemies that may be off-screen.

Set A New Record For Qwark - Beat 1:50 in vid-comic Issue3. Like the previous vid-comic Skill Points, just keep moving and doing your best to take out enemies with the blaster ahead of time.

Set A New Record For Qwark - Beat 4:45 in vid-comic Issue 4. This one is the toughest of the bunch as you will not only have to contend with the obstacle course portion, but also fight Dr. Nefarious at the end. Do your best to cut corners during the obstacle below (including ziplines) and using the blaster to clear out the Insectoids while ignoring their nests if possible. When you get to Nefarious, punch him when you run out of blaster ammo and unload your gun as quickly as possible.

Set A New Record For Qwark - Beat 2:00 in vid-comic Issue 5. You have to be constantly moving to avoid the boiling acid. Just make sure to fire off your blaster before encountering enemies, following its shots across the screen so that it will eliminate enemies before they can get a shot off. Also time your jumps so that you can hop over hazards while you keep on moving.

[edit] Marcadia

Reflect On How To Score - Kill 25 enemies with the Refractor. This can only be done inside the Laser Facility and you must aim the Refractor manually at the Noids when standing in the middle of a laser beam. Hit 25 and the Skill Points are yours.

[edit] Annihilation Nation

Bash The Bug - Beat Scorpio using only the Wrench. This is a tough one and is best attempted during the second play through equipped with the Infernox Armor and loaded up with Nanotech (at least 100). Just try to stay to the side of him so as not to be hit by his saw blades and continually execute the Hyper Strike maneuver.

Lights, Camera, Action - Destroy five floating cameras during any Gauntlet Challenge. Just use the N60 Storm to target and shoot the cameras hovering around Ratchet. Included with the Skill Points are Bolts to boot.

Flee Flawlessly - Complete a guantlet challenge and take no damage

Be An Eight Time Champ - Finish all eight guantlet challenges

[edit] Aquatos

Hit The Motherload - Collect all 101 Sewer Crystals. This one's not easy and will take some time to achieve, but it is well worth it, as you will not only get one Skill Point, but you will also earn serious experience points and Bolts. Attempt this after you have found the Map-O-Matic, as it will display the locations for all 101.

Search For Sunken Treasure - Blow up 40 underwater Crates. To get this Skill Point, all you have to do is nudge up against every Explosive Crate during the two swimming portions of this level.

[edit] Tyhrranosis

Be A Sharpshooter - Snipe ten Tyhrranoids in towers. This Skill Point can be obtained during the 'Destroy the plasma cannon turrets' mission. Instead of taking the Q-Force buggy out onto the battlefield, go solo and use the Flux Rifle to pick off the ‘Noids occupying the towers. You will need to shoot down ten in all.

[edit] Daxx

Bugs To Birds - Bugs to Birds. You will need the Qwack-O-Ray for this Skill Point. Once acquired, use it to convert fifteen of the Floranian Blood Flies into ducks along the left portion of the level near the ship.

[edit] Obani Moons

Get To The Belt - Get onto the floating asteroid ring. First, get up to the highest platform using the jump pads. The one you are looking for has a lower platform below it and a jump pad on it. It is also very close to the asteroid ring. Step on the jump pad and use the first-person perspective to locate a glowing asteroid. As it approaches, jump off the pad and steer Ratchet towards it. If done correctly, he will land on it.

[edit] Blackwater City

Bash The Party - Kill 20 enemies using only the wrench. Do your best to avoid their attacks while using the Hyper-Strike Attack and the Skill Points are as good as yours.

[edit] Holostar Studios

Feeling Lucky? - Win the jackpot on the slot machines. Achieving this Skill Point takes a little luck. Just play the slots during the Holostar Studios level until you hit a jackpot.

[edit] Metropoilis

2002 Was A Good Year In The City - Destroy the blimp in Metropolis. Just stay near your ship's landing pad on Metropolis and use the Flux Rifle to locate and shoot the blimp flying above in the sky. It will take multiple hits to bring down, so make sure the Flux Rifle is well enough suited up.

[edit] Crash Site

AimHigh - Kill ten Skreeducks. Skreeducks are prehistoric looking birds that fly way up in the sky. Just stay stationed on the platform next to your ship and use the Flux Rifle to pick off ten of these animals.

Suck It Up - Kills forty enemies using only the Suck Cannon. This one is not easy as you won't be able to suck up larger enemies with the Suck Cannon, even if it is leveled up all the way. To achieve this Skill Point, you are going to need to use the Scout Bots and Crates as fuel for the weapon, then shoot them back at the larger robot enemies.

[edit] Aridia

Go For Hang Time - Get two seconds of air with the Q-Force buggy and use the ramp/jump to the right of the level start to launch the Slider into the air. Make sure to back up and get some extra speed distance first, then instead of jumping straight across, jump at an angle to the left when launching off the top. This should give you 2 seconds of air if done right.

Zap Back At Ya - Kill ten enemies with the Refractor. This one is another tough Skill Point to get. It is good to obtain it during Part Four of Operation: DEATH VALLEY; use the Refractor to manually aim the Ultra-Mech Noids shots back at them as well as other enemies. The Refractor will only work on the Ultra-Mech's lasers, so don't try equipping it against any of the other enemies.

[edit] Qwark's Hideout

BreakTheDan - Break Dan the Snowman, who is a pain to find. Located up on a ledge before jumping across the two ice platforms along a small icy stream. Instead of jumping across the ice platforms, look to the right of the wall. You will see two more walls side by side that you need to jump towards then quickly initiate a wall jump to the top of the ledge where Dan The Snowman is. Do not glide jump or you won't get any footing on the wall.

[edit] Koros

You Break It You Win It - Smash up the Robot Base. This one can be a bit deceiving , as you have to start smashing everything in sight once the level starts. Do not attempt this until you have received the Bolt Grabber V2 and have it in your inventory. When you do, just make sure to execute Hyper-Strike attacks every few feet or so, and in every nook and cranny, until you get the Skill Point.

[edit] Mylon

Spread Your Germs - Infect thirty enemies. To get this Skill Point, you will need to use the Infector to infect these thirty enemies. This is best attempted when you are leveled up (Infector + Nanotech) , keep firing away at the enemies and use the PDA to restock your stores when you run out.

[edit] Rewards

  • 5 skill points - Big Head Heroes - Turns Ratchet and Clank's heads really, really big
  • 10 skill points - Time Freeze - Cool slow motion camera tracking during weapon select
  • 15 skill points - Secret Agent Clank - Clank is wearing his Secret Agent Clank costume
  • 20 skill points - Big Head Enemies - Turns all enemy's heads really, really big
  • 25 skill points - Ships to Ducks - Changes all ships flying in the sky to ducks
  • 30 skill points - Mirror Worlds - Flips the screen horizontally
  • Unknown Cheat - Wrench Replacement - To unlock the unknown cheat, first go to the Main Menu where you can choose to make a new game or load a game previously made. Hold all the shoulder buttons for a few seconds (L1,L2,R1,R2) and you will enter a demo for the game Sly 2: Band of Theives. Once you beat the demo, you will be given a secret code. Enter this code when you are playing UYA and your wrench will turn into a Double Bladed Laser Sword.

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