(also known as sidestepping)

[edit] What is it?

Strafing is an attack method that is used when you have enemies that shoot range attacks or throw projectiles at you. This method is very useful if you are versing a strong opponent that you cannot handle close range.

[edit] How do you do it?

Position Ratchet (you may want to get him to hide behind something for cover). Hold down either the L2 or the R2 button. Next, with your choice of long range weapon selected, press the left analog stick left and the X button to side flip to the left, jumping out from your cover. As Ratchet is in mid-air, press the O button to lob a charge at whatever you are facing. As soon as his feet hit the ground, jump back the other way and to the safety of cover. If done correctly, you should eventually beat your opponent without a scratch on you. This also works without any cover.

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