Starship Phoenix

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The Starship Phoenix homes the Q-Force in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.


[edit] 1st Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Take Qwark to His Cage


1. Lead Qwark to his new living quarters

[edit] Mission 2: Meet Sasha on the Bridge


1. Complete VR Deck Training

2. Check out the Phoenix Trophy Room

3. Visit Gadgetron Weapon and Armor Vendors

4. Take transport to bridge

[edit] Mission 3: Fly to Marcadia


1. Return to your ship

2. Plot a course for Marcadia

[edit] Weapons

  • Infector
  • Suck Cannon

[edit] 2nd Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Play the Qwark Vid-Comic

This is as simple as it sounds. Just get through the vid-comics.

Qwark Controls:

Duck : L1

Jump: X

Punch: []

Shoot: O when wielding weapon

Precision Aiming: L1 (hold) + Left Analog Stick

[edit] Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - Ride the moving platform and navigate a second series of disappearing platforms. At the end, you should find the final Qwark Token, giving you the Tiatnium Bolt.

[edit] 3rd Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Play the Qwark Vid-Comic Episode 2

Once again, just get through the vid-comics.

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - The last section of the level required you to jump Qwark up a group of slowly descending platforms. Don't worry about riding any downward, as there are no tokens below. At the top, you will have grabbed all 100 Qwark tokens , received the Titanium Bolts, and have completed the vid-comic.

[edit] 4th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Return to Starship Phoenix


1. Take ship back to Starship Pheonix

2. Attend Q-Force Briefing

3. Check out the Gadgetron Armor Vendor

[edit] Mission 2: Rendezvous on Tyhrranosis


1. Set coordinates for Tyhrranosis and meet up with the Galactic Rangers

[edit] Armor

  • Adamantine Armor

[edit] 5th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Return to the Starship Phoenix


1. Take the ship back to the Starship Phoenix

2. Debrief Q-Force

[edit] Mission 2: Complete Vr Gadget Training


1. Meet Helga at the VR Deck

2. Collect the titanium Bolt

3. Complete VR Gadget Training and receive the Hypershot and the Hacker.

[edit] Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - Use the Hypershot on the platforms and swing on the targets. They become a bit more challenging, but are far from impossible. The third and final Hacker Program consists of three stages, requiring you to collect ten snippets each stage. Once the program is hacked, the door beyond disappears and out pops a Titanium Bolt.

[edit] 6th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Play the Qwark Vid-Comic Episode 3

You must play through the vid-comics.

It should not be much of a challenge.

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - Right before the lava, wait for the lava jets to subside before jumping over them. Same goes with the next set of overhead jets - keep moving Qwark close to them, running against the conveyor belt, and then quickly run by when they extinguish. Make sure you jump and grab the two red Qwark Tokens in between them. At the end, you should have collected all 100 Token and gotten the Titanium Bolt as your reward.

[edit] 7th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Play the Qwark Vid-Comic Episode 4

As like before, jump your way through the vid-comics.

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - After the Insectoids, at the top of the ladder, make sure to run to the left and get the Qwark Token that isn't shown on screen. Head to the right, killing the Insectoids as you guide Qwark up to the nest at the top. There is a hidden Health Icon that Qwark can jump to by leaping off the edge of the second platform from the top. If you did this correctly, Qwark will grab a small platform hidden off the screen to the left. From there, continue to the left, defeat two batches of Insectoids, and the Titanium Bolt is yours.

[edit] 8th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Return to the Starship Phoenix


1. Return to the Phoenix Startship and meet with Sasha

2. Predict and firgure out where Dr. Nefarious might be hiding

[edit] Mission 2: Fly to Planet Zeldrin


1. Head to the Crash Site located on Planet Zeldrin

[edit] 9th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Take the Datadisk to Big Al


1.The title speaks for itself. Big Al is located right in the center of the ship.

[edit] Mission 2: Play the Qwark Vid-Comic Episode 5


1. Beat the last and final vid-comics. What a relief!

[edit] Level Extras

  • (Vid-Comic) Titanium Bolt - After you shoot through the ice crystals, you have to quickly shoot the Henchmen while navigating through the obstacle course of walls AND stay ahead of the acids. When you reach the open room, start jumping from platform to platform, make sure you get all the Tokens, and you will beat the level along with a Titanium Bolt.

[edit] 10th Visit

[edit] Mission 1: Get to the Bridge


1. Battle through Dr. Nefarious' armies

2. Avoid the fuel cells

3. Meet the Mega Bot

4. Discover the fate of the Q-Force

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