[edit] Rilgar

On Planet Rilgar, the familiar city called Blackwater City is back. Ratchet and Clank once visited this city in their very first adventure. This city is known for it's sports events, but is now invaded by the evil Tyhrranoids. The Galactic Rangers can't keep it up and need your help.

[edit] Mission 1: Save Blackwater City


1. Complete OPERATION: BLACK RIDE Parts 1-3

Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3
1st Round 15,000 bolts 5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts
2nd Round 20,000 bolts 6,600 bolts 2,000 bolts
3rd Round 25,000 bolts and Gravity Boots 8,300 bolts 2,500 bolts

[edit] Tips

► Gravity boots are Ratchet's reward for saving the city. The special boots latch onto special metallic walls that allow Ratchet to walk up and across ceilings and walls. Look carefully for these special surfaces because they usually lead to something shiny.

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