Ratchet and Clank Species


These are green slimey creatures that are known to inhabit the sewers of atleast 4 plants. They first appear in Ratchet and Clank attacking Blackwater City on Pokitaru and in a secret aread on planet Novalis in the sewers of Aquatos. The creatures are speculated to have been created die to the the Blargs were dumping in the ocean. In the third Ratchet and Clank game Dr. Nefarious was actually the one whom created the Ameoboids in order to destroy Blackwater city because the inhabitants called him Insane. They also appear in Secret Agent Clank surving on acid-filled canals on Venantonio. Another red varient that has the ability to explode has also been seen, Clank mentions "Their Genetic Structure Must Have Been Altered".


These creatures are the main atantonists in the first Ratchet and Clank game. Their home planet was once Orxon, but because of the consistent pollution they were forced to leave. They come on many forms and sizes, from footsoldiers to Snagglebeats. These creatures are technologically able, but tend to fucus their knowlede on Warfare than putting it to practical use. They have also built a large spacestation for research capabilities. In appearance they are orange-pink in colour. They're leader was the tyrannical Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek whom was killed by Ratchet at the end of Ratchet and Clank. Because of their advanced knowledge in Warefare Technology, they built the R.Y.N.O (Rip Ya a New One), which is one of the most poerful weapons in the Ratchet and Clank Galaxy.

[edit] Cazares

Only 2 of these species have made an appearance in the games, Sasha and the Galactic President. They are humaoids covered in fur and look much like a fox. It is said that the males are almost twice as big as the famales, but with Sasha being just as big as Ratchet. It was once speculated that Sasha was a Lombax, but Insomniac games have cleared that up by announcing that she wasn't.

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