Ratchet and Clank Skill Points

[edit] Ratchet and Clank - Skill Points

1. Take Aim - Planet Novalis Shoot down any of the flying enemies with your Devastator.

2. Swing It! - Planet Aridia Traverse the Swingshot course in the factory without touching the ground.

3. Transported - Planet Aridia Shoot down three transports.

4. Striking a Pose - Planet Kerwan Stand between Al's robot's legs.

(To get to it you must climb up the ladder after meeting Al, then glide down and land on his shop)

5. Blimpy - Planet Kerwan Shoot down a blimp with any gun.

6. Qwarktastic - Planet Kerwan Blast the robotic dummy Qwark with any explosive weapon (bomb glove- unable, devastator- recommended, visibomb gun, RYNO).

7. Any Ten - Planet Eudora Shoot down ten flying vehicles with any gun.

8. Tricky - Planet Rilgar Execute a Twisty McMarx in the hoverboard race (flip four times and hit each shoulder button once).

9. Cluck, Cluck - Planet Rilgar Transform a tank into a chicken with your Morph-o-Ray

(works best with the Gold Morph-o-Ray) (put on the O2 mask and you can't be harmed by the soldiers or the tank making it much easier)

10. Speedy - Planet Rilgar Finish hoverboard race in 1:35 or less.

11. Girl Trouble - Nebula G34 Defeat the boss and the minions using only your wrench.

12. Jumper - Planet Batalia Ride the grind rail without a hit.

(Works best if you go through once and hit all the bombs with your wrench, makes me an easy second run through to get the skill point)

13. Accuracy Counts - Planet Batalia Use the turret to shoot down one of the smallest vehicles.

14. Eat Lead - Planet Batalia Use the Sand Mouse to eliminate all the tanks in the level.

15. Destroyed - Planet Gaspar Destroy all the ships tethered to the ground.

16. Gunner - Planet Gaspar Use the turret to shoot down 5 ships.

17. Sniper - Planet Orxon Use the Blaster to shoot through the small tunnel in the wall. Hit the blue guy on the other side.

18. Hey, Over Here! - Planet Orxon Tempt the crabs into the laser fence using your Taunter.

19. Alien Invasion - Planet Pokitaru Use the Visibomb Gun to shoot down three small, flying ships.

20. Buried Treasure - Planet Pokitaru Destroy all the underwater crates.

21. Pest Control - Planet Hoven Eliminate all the snow monsters near the first Gold Bolt.

22. Whirlybirds - Planet Hoven Shoot down five of the helicopter robots.

23. Sitting Ducks - Oltanis Orbit Destroy all the cargo ships.

24. Shattered Glass - Planet Oltanis Shoot out all the streetlights with your Blaster.

25. Blast 'Em - Planet Oltanis Shoot down three bombers with your Visibomb Gun.

26. Heavy Traffic - Planet Kalebo III Run the grindrail without hitting anything.

27. Magician - Planet Kalebo III Score 4500 or more in the hoverboard race.

28. Sneaky - Veldin Orbit Defeat all Sentry-bots in the secure area.

29. Careful Cruise - Veldin Orbit Traverse the underwater obstacle course without taking any damage.

30. Going Commando - Planet Veldin Kill ten commandos with only your wrench.

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