Ratchet and Clank Gadgets


[edit] Grind Boots

Name: Grind Boots
Price: 2,000 bolts
Found: Blarg Station Nebula

You see those metal lines that curve? After you get the Grind Boots you can grind on those. The Grind Boots are essential to Ratchet & Clank's style and they help access new areas.

[edit] Heli-Pack

Name: Heli-Pack
Price: 1,000 bolts
Found: Planet Novalis

The Heli-Pack will help you glide, which is enough in it's own. Another thing that the Heli-Pack is good for is High Jumping, something you will probably use as much, if not more, than gliding itself. how to get them?

[edit] Hologuise

Name: Hologuise
Price: N/A
Found: Planet Kalebo III

Have you ever wanted to be one of those robots you see all of the time that somehow want you dead all of the time, as well? Well now you can! You can even wave to them to let them know that they can let you in their top secret areas!

[edit] Hydro-Pack

Name: Hydro-Pack
Price: 2,000 bolts
Found: Planet Hoven

While swimming, you can now move much faster, and the Hydro-Pack also gives you the ability to swim against currents.

[edit] Hydrodisplacer

Name: Hydrodisplacer
Price: N/A
Found: Blarg Station Nebula

The Hydrodisplacer can move water from a deeply soaked pool and into an empty pool, thus making it a lot easier to reach higher places.

[edit] Magnetboots

Name: Magnetboots
Price: N/A
Found: Planet Orxon

With the Magnetboots you can climb any wall, or specifically made tracks, as well as metal ceilings without falling!

[edit] Metal Detector

Name: Metal Detector
Price: N/A
Found: Planet Batalia

Ever needed extra bolts? With this gadget, look on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for a blinking exclamation point with a bolt on it. When you see this, start using that Metal Detector!

[edit] Sonic Summoner

Name: Sonic Summoner
Price: N/A
Found: Planet Aridia

Interact with Sand Mice in their houses, who offer affective and aggressive tactical assistance. They will fire at every enemy in sight for a short period of time.

[edit] Swingshot

Name: Swingshot
Price: 1,000 bolts
Found: Planet Novalis

Used kind of like Spiderman's webbing; You can swing from platform to platform, that is if there is a "hook" above it. "Hooks" are either Green or Yellow. Green hooks will release you as you reach them, and Yellow will allow you to swing back and forth for as long as you like.

[edit] Thruster-Pack

Name: Thruster-Pack
Price: 2,000 bolts
Found: Planet Pokitaru

An upgraded version of the Heli-Pack. The High Jump isn't as high on the Thruster-Pack, however, the gliding the a lot better, and it introduces a new feature: Slamming. Slamming can be done while in air and pressing R1.

[edit] Trespasser

Name: Trespasser
Price: N/A
Found: Planet Aridia

The trespasser is a gadget that allows you to hack doorway codes to get through lock doors.

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