Ratchet and Clank Characters

This page encompasses characters in the first game in the series, Ratchet and Clank.


[edit] Big Al


Name: Big Al

Description: You first meet Big Al on Metroplolis. He is in his Robo Shack working, and for a fee, upgrades Clank with a Hover Pack. Armed with a helicoper-like device, Clank then provides Ratchet with help throughout the game. Big Al's role in this game is to upgrade Clank with various packs that allow him to aid Ratchet in different ways.

[edit] Captain Qwark


Name: Captain Qwark

Description: Qwark, with his dimwit attitude and green suit, is seen as a hero in the galaxy, and he is a television star. Ratchet and Clank are some of his biggest fans, and seek his help to stop Drek, but they soon learn that for the right amount of bolts, even superheroes will aid the side of evil and turn their back on you.

[edit] Clank


Name: Clank

Description: Clank is a little silver robot that escapes from the factory he was made in. He crash-lands on Veldin, Ratchet�s home planet, and Ratchet finds and befriends him. The wise Clank is strapped onto Ratchet�s back and helps him jump, glide, hover, and swim around. Clank can also dislodge from Ratchet and partake in his very own parts of the game, where he can control little robots called Gadgebots and fight enemies himself, or transform into Giant Clank and battle rather large foes.

[edit] Drek


Name: Drek

Description: The evil chairman Drek is the evil villain of the Ratchet and Clank game. He has plans of conquest and domination, and his mission is to destroy many planets and fuse parts of them together to create one super planet to use as his evil headquarters. As the story unfolds, Ratchet and Clank learn of his plan and work to stop him before he succeeds.

[edit] Helga


Name: Helga

Description: The rather large and opinionated Helga is a fitness trainer (yea, something just isn�t right about that) of the galaxy. She runs the Fitness Course on an early planet, and if you beat her specially designed course, she will give you a handy gadget or two for you to use in your adventure.

[edit] Ratchet


Name: Ratchet

Description: Ratchet is the main character of this game. He is a lombax and enjoys fixing things with his handy wrench. When a strange ship crashes from the sky onto his planet, and he first meets Clank, his adventure to save the universe from the evil Drek begins. He can use weapons and gadgets as he and Clank navigate through each planet they arrive on.

[edit] Skidd McMarxx


Name: Skidd McMarxx

Description: You meet Skidd on planet Aridia early in the game. He is the great Hoverboard champion in the galaxy, and by helping him reach his crashed ship, he rewards you with a Hoverboard that you can use in races later in the game. Having not seen Skidd since the crash, his agent decides to represent you and even gives you a special helmet.

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