Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando Characters


[edit] Abercrombie Fizzwidget

Ratchet and Clank are enjoying the time off after their first adventure when they are summoned by Fizzwidget to help him get his stolen prototype back. He promises you weapons, gadgets, and an adventure (something that Ratchet could not possibly turn down) and offers Clank an apartment on a planet in his galaxy (and even a robo-masseuse). You fly to his galaxy and your adventure begins, but something just doesn't seem right..

[edit] Angela

You meet Angela, tall lombax fighter girl, on a later planet after a surprise twist in the story. She knows about the deadly secret of the Protopet and joins your team to try and warn Fizzwidget about what they are really capable of. During the adventure, she and Ratchet develop some feelings for one another..

[edit] Clank

The wise little robot is back for another adventure alongside Ratchet. At the start, Ratchet learns that Clank bought a house on Planet Endako, which is why he is absent from you at the start of the game. On an early planet you find out that Clank has been kidnapped, so you must go rescue him before any harm comes onto him. Once you save him on Endako, he joins you in the adventure.

In Going Commando, Clank controls many robots, which include: Microbots, Hammerbots, and Bridgebots. It's a big step up from just controlling the little Gadgetbots in the first game. The robots help you do various jobs, such as hammering a box that blocks a passageway and making a bridge out of themselves so you and other robots can pass a gap.

[edit] Protopets

The Protopet is Fizzwidget's experiment. When you first see the Protopet, it appears to be all cute and cuddly, something that every little child in the galaxy would want, which is what Fizzwidget plans to do. But soon Ratchet and Clank realize that the Protopets are far from cuddly, and that they are actually ferocious little beasts. Before you can warn Fizzwidget, their population becomes massive thanks to their cloning and you have to stop them from taking over the universe and terrorizing everyone..

[edit] Qwark

From the beginning of this adventure, you learn that Qwark is in jail for the crimes he commited in the first game. Throughout the game you get updates on his situation, and eventually learn that he escaped from prison and is in the galaxy somewhere, hiding. As the story of the game unfolds, Fizzwidget begins to act a little strange..

[edit] Ratchet

The hero of the first R&C game returns for another good time. After being promised an adventure by Fizzwidget, Ratchet agrees to help him retrieve the Protopet from the Theif who stole it. Armed with various weapons and gadgets (and even body armor), Ratchet and Clank begin to unravel the story as they battle to stay alive.

[edit] The Thief

You encounter the Thief early in the game, when the prototype, the cute little blue fuzzball called the Protopet, is stolen right before your eyes. You are asked to get it back because it is very important to Fizzwidget. But maybe there was a good reason that the Thief stole it..

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