Platinum Bolts


[edit] Platinum Bolts

Featured in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, they are used to obtain Weapon modifications.

A detailed explanation as to how to get every Platinum Bolt on Going Commando.

100% credit goes to Evert Vannart who wrote these descriptions which were taken from this excellent FAQ/Walkthrough.

[edit] Aranos Revisited

Number of bolts: 1

1) Go to the ship. Face the ledge, then jump past your ship, off the ledge, into the air. Start hovering (press and hold [X]), and gently lower yourself. Once you're under the ledge with the ship, turn around. You should see a ledge with the Bolt in the distance. You can make it, although it's going to be a close one. From this ledge, you can fly back up using the Levitator pad.

[edit] Barlow

Number of bolts: 2

1) When scouting the Ruined Machinery, you'll have to swim through a couple of tunnels. After the first water tunnel, turn left. Facing the building with the tunnel, you should see a very small ledge. Grab it, and move around the building hand-over-hand. Drop onto the ledge at the other side. Swing towards the rotating carts, get onto them, and then enter the cave. The cave is filled with Hounds and some machines that keep spitting out more Hounds. In the back of the cave, you'll find the Bolt.

2) In the Hoverbike Races, race past the part with the water. When leaving the water, you'll enter a tunnel. The tunnel immediately makes a sharp turn to the right. Instead of going right, go left. You'll find the Bolt lying here.

[edit] Boldan

Number of bolts: 3

1) From the ship, head south. Go into the building, and then turn left. In one corner of this area, there's a glass wall. You can see the Platinum Bolt behind it. In the wall there's an opening big enough for a Spiderbot. Activate one, and send it into the area with the Bolt. Let it step on the floor switch, then detonate it. Back as Ratchet, head back into the building, and now go right. You can now enter the area with the Bolt.

2) First and foremost, go to the armor vendor. From here, head down the side ofthe building. After going through a small corkscrew, cross the big area to your right, and take the elevator up. So far so good. Now, just before you get to the big corkscrew, look over the edge to your left. You'll look down at the area you've just crossed, and you can see a platform with the Platinum Bolt about halfway down. Simply glide down to get it.

3) After you've escaped from Aranos, return here, and go to the room where you were captured. Here, look up to see a Swingshot target. Pull yourself up, and collect the Bolt on the ledge.

[edit] Damosel

Number of bolts: 2

1) In the first room of the bank, look to your right and you'll see a fountain. Use the Thermanator to freeze the water. Now grind the frozen beam of ice down to a small platform. The Bolt's right here. You can return to the bank with a taxi.

2) You need the Hypnomatic for this one. After going through the bank, you'll see a big, rotating Megacorp sign. Stand on the ledge north of it (on the path leading to the Protopets). Turn around, so that you face the sign. You should see a bunch of smaller bots, and one bigger Receiver Bot. Hypnotize the Receiver Bot (use L1 to aim). With the robot, jump down to the ground. Explode the robot (by pressing [triangle]) when you're near the north side of the sign. If you've got the right spot, the wall will explode, revealing a room under the sign. The Bolt's inside.

[edit] Deep Space Disposal

Number of bolts: 1

1) Like in the Feltzin System, you can get a Platinum Bolt by flying through all the rings in the fourth challenges. Again, it takes a lot of practicing to get it. Know the track.

[edit] Dobbo

Number of bolts: 2

1) The first Bolt is in the Hang Glider course in the facility. Follow the course like you normally would. When you get to the last room (with the diagonal beam and the lava), steer up sharply. The Bolt is near the roof of the room.

2) To get the second Bolt, you'll need the Spiderbot Glove. You can first buy it on Joba. First, take the yellow taxi to the Giant Clank Launch Pad. From there, retrace your steps via the 4 swing spots. Land on the ledge, and get to the ledge to the left by using the Dynamo. On this bridge, there'll be a niche to the right. If you look at the walls of the niche, you'll see the start of an air duct. Throw down one Spiderbot, and have it enter the duct. Turn right after just one meter or so. You'll arrive in a room with the Platinum Bolt, but the robot can't pick it up. Let the robot step on the button on the floor to open the door. Destroy the robot, and make your way around the building as Ratchet. Enter the room you've just opened up to get the Bolt.

[edit] Endako

Number of bolts: 2

1) Take the path leading to the apartment. When you're past the place where you first saw the helicopter, you had to jump down to the right to get to another trash can. This time, don't go right, but continue to the edge ahead. You will face the central structure. To get this Bolt, simply drop of the edge. You'll land on a lower ledge, the Bolt's right there.

2) Go to the second crane. In the second room, in the area where the Sweepers are there's door a bit above the ground. You can't see it with your Crane Cam, so you might need to search for it yourself. When you've located it, return to the crane controls and drop the gray crate in front of this door. Now get the red crate and drop it on top of the gray one. It will explode, and the door will probably be destroyed. Now simply enter the room behind that door using the gray crate or a Double Jump to get up. The Bolt's inside this room.

[edit] Gorn

Number of bolts: 1

1) Once again, you can get a Bolt by flying through all rings in the race. And while the race itself seems to get easier, this challenge stays hard. Good luck.

[edit] Grelbin

Number of bolts: 3

1) The first Bolt is on the big ice field. If you look at the map, you'll see two parallel lines north of the ship. The Bolt is hidden in the area between these two lines. If you have the Mapper from Damosel (you get it for the Giant Clank fight), it's much easier to spot: there will be a green dot at the location of the Bolt.

2) You need the Hypnomatic for this one. In the caves, after the gliding part, you'll pass a closed gate. There's a Receiver bot behind the gate, and you can't open the gate. Hypnotize the robot, and let him walk towards a button on the ground. Some Y.E.T.I.'s will pop out of the ground when the robot approaches the button, but the robot can blast them away with [square]. Step on the button to open the gate. Back to the furry guy, enter the room, climb the ladder, and collect the Bolt here.

3) On your way to Angela's house, you'll have to swim through a tunnel. In the last room of this waterway, turn around and look for another tunnel. It's really easy to spot. Swim through this tunnel, and you'll find the Bolt in the room at the end.

[edit] Joba

Number of bolts: 2

1) On your way to the Arena, you'll come past a couple of gun turrets. After the first turret, you'll pass through a small building. After that, you're on a path to the second turret, with the mountain on your left and nothing on your right. Turn to your right here, and you might be able to see a Swingshot target. It's easiest to see when you're walking back from the second turret. Swing to this, and defeat all the enemies on the next edge. Continue until you find a door. Step on the button in front of it to open the door. The Bolt's right there, in the room.

2) At the launch pad of the Levitator, face the direction of the Arena. You'll see two towers in front of you, one to the left and one to the right. Use your Levitator, and fly all the way to the top of the tower on the left. The Bolt's on the top of this tower.

[edit] Maktar Resort

Number of bolts: 2

1) On the Jamming Array, jump on top of the Space-Limo. Now get on one of the Limo's rockets. From this rocket, you might be able to make it onto a platform nearby. Here's a Jump Pad. Use it, and you will jump up very high. You will pick up the Bolt at your highest point. Note that even though other FAQ's tell you differently, you don't need Clank for this one. You can get it with just Ratchet, but Clank's Boost Jump does make it a lot easier.

2) On your way to the Arena you'll have to get in a Limo at some point. After exiting it, move over the ledge and climb up the ladder. You're in a big open area, with two cranes above it. Climb onto the ledge with the right crane on it. Double jumping is a must. It's much easier to get if you've got Clank. The bolt's on the ledge.

[edit] Notak

Number of bolts: 3

1) The first Bolt's on the promenade. At the Planet, go up the elevator. Just before the next elevator, turn left and cross the bridge. Defeat the Henchmen behind the glass. Now turn right in front of that glass, and turn left when you reach the wall. You should now be facing a big yellow Megacorp sign. Destroy it, and you'll find the Bolt in the room behind it.

2) Cross the bridge near the vendor, and immediately head left. Walk on the small strip of grass between the water and the building. You'll find the Bolt behind the building here.

3) In the Wharf area, you'll come past a Dynamo panel. Before activating it,clear the whole area, up to the elevator, of enemies. Now activate the panel, and run towards the elevator. You'll see that door that was previously closed is now opened, and the Bolt's right behind it. You can't possibly miss it. You'll have around 20 seconds to get through the door from the moment you activate the panel.

[edit] Oozla

Number of bolts: 2

1) After completing all objectives on this planet, walk towards the Swamp Ruins again (go east from your ship). Jump over a couple of platforms. You will now see a new dragon to your left. Jump on his back, and ride him all the way to a cave filled with fireflies. Here you will find the Platinum Bolt.

2) In the area where you have bought the Tractor Beam, move the two pillars to the left of the area (instead of to the right, to the cliff that leads back to your ship). Climb on top of the highest one, and you should be able to reach a platform with the bolt on it.

[edit] Siberius

Number of bolts: 2

1) When you go down the elevator at the start, you'll see a column with the Tractor Beam signs on it. Push this column into the elevator, and take itback up. At the top, push it all the way to the edge of the platform (at the place where you first jumped onto this platform). Jump on top of it, and then perform a Boost Jump. You should be able to jump onto a smaller ledge. From here, jump into the hangar. The Bolt's right there.

2) At the top of the elevator, look to the right. You should be able to see a gray roof of a building far below. Jump off the platform, and float down to this building. When you land, go straight, off the building, and you'll find the Bolt near another small building in the fenced-off area.

[edit] Smolg

Number of bolts: 2

1) Go to the warehouse by using the jump pad near your ship. Follow the normal path until you get to an area with a conveyor belt in the west. Use the Dynamo activator at the belt to get the block on it moving. Jump on the block, and when you reach the end of the belt, jump to the crates in the center of the room. Ahead is another Dynamo activator, but you can also wall jump up between the two piles of crates on this platform. Do so, and when you reach the top, look around to see the Platinum Bolt. You can now easily reach the Bolt.

2) Go to the part where you have to use your Levitator. From the start, fly to the first platform, and from there to the second platform. Stand on the Levitator Pad on the second platform, face the ship to the east, and then turn left and look up. You should see a floating platform several hundreds of meters above you. Fly up to this platform, you have just enough fuel to make it. On the platform you'll find the Bolt.

[edit] Snivelak

Number of bolts: 1

1) At the armor vendor, look south. Along the wall you'll see a bunch of Dynamo activators. Float down to the ledge below them. Get on the platform to the left, and use the Dynamo to get up. Now jump to the right. You can't land on the next platform, because it's upside down. Jump to it, and activate the Dynamo in mid-air to turn the platform. Continue to the right, and take the elevator up. Activate the two Dynamo activators here, and jump over the two platforms to a room with the Bolt. The jumping might take some practice.

[edit] Tabora

Number of bolts: 3

1) On your way to the Hang Glider, You'll come past a pool with three blocks in it. This is like a balance: if you stand on the first block, the other two will go up. Normally, you'd have to stand on the first block and freeze the water to get to the next ledge. Now, stand on the last block (the one near the next ledge), and freeze the water. Jump over the other two block, and then perform a double jump to get to the ledge above. The Bolt's right there.

2) A very easy Bolt can be found at the end of the Hang Glider course.

3) The third Bolt's in the desert, near the northern edge. From the town, head north, slightly east. You'll find the Bolt near the edge. You'll probably run into it if you try to get all 100 crystals anyway.

[edit] Thug Rendezvous

Number of bolts: 1

1) In the fourth challenge, you have to fly to every ring. That's right, you must pass all 50 rings. If you succeed, you'll find the Bolt at the end. Does that sound difficult? Well, it is. This is probably one of the hardest Bolts to get. I could write a whole text file on this subject, but I'll save myself and you time by giving the only tip worth giving: practice! Practice a lot, practice for hours, for days if you must. Make sure you can dream the track, and all its rings. Try to find out for yourself how the ship is controlled the easiest. Personally I prefer Analog over Digital here, but like I said, that's personal. After a lot of practice, you should be able to get it. I wish you the best of luck.

[edit] Todano

Number of bolts: 3

1) At the end of guided tour, the Tourists will get into a bus. The Fizzwidget robot will then go into a building. Follow him, and you'll arrive in a room with the Platinum Bolt.

2) From the vendor on the dam, head north. Get past the first force field. In the next room are two force fields, and two columns. Get both of them to the part in front of the door to the next room. It's easier to do when you've completed all objectives, because then the force fields will be gone. If you look up, you'll see a doorway to your left, far above. Use the two column to get up there. The Platinum Bolts is in the little building at the end of this path. The Qwark Fanboy is here too. To get to the buidling, you first have to fight a Robot Guard.

3) Head north from the vendor on the dam again. Go through two rooms with force field. In the third room, there will be Troopers and Chickenbots, a maintenance robot, a force field, and a column. Leave the column where it is, jump on top of it, and then jump onto the conveyor belt to your right. At the end of this Belt, you'll see a small air duct. Activate a Spiderbot, and send him through this duct. At the end, let him step on the button on the floor to open the door. Now detonate it. As Ratchet, jump onto the highest conveyor belt, and follow it to the ledge. You can now enter the room you've just opened, the Bolt's inside.

[edit] Yeedil

Number of bolts: 2

1) Between the ship and the vendor is a big bridge. Grind the northern rail of the bridge to the top. You have to start near the vendor. At the top, you'll bump into the Bolt.

2) In the Megacorp HQ, after defeating two tanks, you'll come to another vendor. Use the Electrolyzer at the pad near the vendor, then ride the nearby platform to the next room. First clear this room of all enemies, and then look to your right. You should see a column with a Tractor Beam target on it. Use the beam to pull the column away, and climb the stairs that you've revealed this way. At the top, jump onto the grind rail, and grind it to the end (really easy) to get the last Platinum Bolt.

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