Omniwrench Millenium 12

[edit] Omniwrench Millennium 12

This is the newest wrench of the series. It has some new special abilities, such as picking things up and throwing them, and manipulating objects (walkways, bridges, etc) to move to where/how you want them to.

The wrench is pretty much the same as always, aside from the new special abilites. You still use it to attack enemies (normal and powerful attack), crates, and crank bolts.

The new abilities are pretty useful in the gameplay of the game. The wrench seems to have taken on some abilities similar to past Gadgets in the series that move/manipulate objects. The first new useful ability it being able to pick objects up, in this game meaning light bugs (glow bugs) and dead Pirate heads, and then being able to throw them or put them down. Light bugs are little creatures that glow, and help you see/find your way in a dark cave or area. Pirate heads are the leftovers of certain dead Pirates, and are used to destroy evil forcefields and even attack certain Pirate enemies. You find the light bugs in a few levels, and find the Pirate heads in the Angorian Sea visits. Simply swing your wrench to pick one up, and play around with your controls and learn how to set the object down and even throw it. Both options will be used many times in the game.

The next special ability of the wrench is the ability to make certain metal objects move to how/where you want them to. You can make bridges extend and come to you, make walkways fold down to create a path for yourself, and even bring down catapults (so you can jump on and shoot yourself somewhere). If it looks like you can move something near you, a little moving wrench head will appear on the object. You then press and hold R2 and the Square button to make a beam appear, and then move your R2 joystick to make the object move to how you want (down, over, etc). You can also let go of the beam by pressing any of the buttons used to create the beam.

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