Obani Gemini Moons


[edit] Obani Gemini Moons

The Zygan System is home to a series of Obani Moons which happens to be the final destination of a vessel that had departed from the facility the day before. In order to gather more information about the mysterious Biobliteraor, Ratchet and Clank must first use the Refractor and reconnect a set of satellites in order to travel from one moon to the next.

[edit] Mission 1: Repair the Satellite Laser Links


1. Get out you Refractor and use it to attach the lasers to the satellites.

2. Get the Titanium Bolt

3. Hop on the Warp Pad and you will be taken to Pollux

[edit] Mission 2: Explore the Second Moon


1. Defeat the Alien Forces

2. Discover the Titanium Bolt

3. Use the warp pads to reach Skidd McMarx

[edit] Weapons

  • Disc Blade Gun

[edit] Level Extras

Before link up the laser, drop down to the ground. One of the tunnels is protected by a forcefield. Not too far away is a floor plate with a activator. Load the Hypershot. Zap the activator. This gits rid of the forcefield for a short period of time, so run fast. Inside the tunnel is a titanium bolt, go ahead and snatch it. Shoot the activator with the Hypershot, the one inside the tunnel, to get back out from where you came.

In Mission 2, after you have shot down two SharpShooters, at the back section of the area you will find a jump pad on the ground. It will send Ratchet into the air. Make Ratchet land on the ledge to the right. Grab the Titanium Bolt.

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