Morrow Caverns

[edit] First Visit: Finding Darkwater's Body and Treasure Map

Ratchet, Talwyn, and Rusty Pete go to this area of the planet in search of Captain Darkwater's body and his map to his secret treasure, believed to be the Fulcrum Star. The three enter the caverns, and Talwyn is soon separated from the group by a door that caves in. Ratchet and Rusty Pete continue on through another door, after telling Talwyn that they will find her before they leave the caverns. Rusty Pete opens the shut door by getting "Slag on a stick" to recite the Song of the Dead (which happens to be "I'm a Little Teapot"). In the next part of the cavern, the two are separated after Ratchet must shimmy across a bar to the next part of the area, where he must locate a bolt crank and make a bridge go down, so Rusty Pete can cross and rejoin him. Rusty Pete then uses "Slag on a stick" to recite a special password ("butterscotch snickerdoodles") to open a door to an elevator that goes farther down in the caverns.

Once they enter a new area, a large Python beast begins shooting fireballs at Rusty Pete as he runs around scared. Ratchet goes off and cranks a bolt, opening a door and revealing Darkwater's prized Pirate Ship. They enter the room, and Ratchet begins his quest to get in the ship. The direct route does not work, so he has to go around some pathways to a side route in the ship.

Once he makes it on the ship, he extends the bridge so Rusty Pete can come on. Ratchet is soon surprised when Rusty Pete betrays Ratchet (because he is a Pirate), shoving the "Slag on a stick" into Captain Darkwater's body, which allows Captain Slag to come alive and possess Darkwater's body. Rusty Pete then throws Ratchet off Darkwater's ship and flies off with Captain Slag, right after he throws Ratchet two of his weapons. Ratchet then goes back to find Talwyn, and they take the ship back to Hoolefar Island to stop Slag and Pete.


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