[edit] Marcadia

Marcadia is where the President's Palace is located. Unfortunately, it is located on the whole other side of the city. May not seem like that big of a problem, right? Well, it is also invaded by tyhrranoids. You are going to have to battle your way to a transport ship to save him.

[edit] Mission 1: Get the the Palace

Iron Shield Part 1


1. Battle through the Tyhrranoid invasion

2. Secure the Courtyard

3. Find the Titanium Bolt

4. Meet up with the Galactic Rangers at the Dropship

[edit] Mission 2: Secure the Area

Iron Shield Part 2


1. Complete Battle Missions - Operation: Iron Shield 1-5

[edit] Mission 3:Repair the Laser Defense Shield

Iron Shield Part 3


1. Get the Refractor

2. Use the Refractor to breach the facility

3. Manipulate the Spider Drone

4. Find Big Al

[edit] Weapons

Iron Shield Part 4
  • Spitting Hydra

[edit] Level Extras

Iron Shield Part 5
  • Titanium Bolt #1 - When the coast is clear, locate the Jump Slot at the back of the Courtyard and then execute a series of Wall Jumps to get to a hidden walkway. In addition to a load of Bolts, the Titanium is waiting there for you.
  • Titanium Bolt #2 - Head through the Defense facility . When you get to the third room past the bridge, locate the metallic ramp leading up to the top of a wall. Using the Gravity Boots, Ratchet can climb up it and receive the Bolt.
  • Titanium Bolt #3 - Head through the rest of the Defense Facility, until you come to the final room just before the warp pad. Just walk up the right side of the wall to grab the Bolt that you could not see before.

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