Hoverboard Racing

[edit] Hoverboard Racing

Early in the game, you are introduced to the racing that you will take part in. By helping the Hoverboard champion out on planet Aridia, he gives you a Hoverboard that you can later use to take part in the races.

[edit] Hoverboard Controls

Steering - Joystick or Directional Buttons
Tricks - R1, R2, L1, L2 (in various combos)
Speed Boost (from the Speed Boost bar) - hold Square Button
Rocket weapon (after getting ammo) - Circle Button

[edit] Two Races

The first of two different races is found on planet Rilgar. By taking the right path from the start of the level, you will eventually make it to the lady who allows you to race.

The Hoverboard race takes place on a track that is similar to the feel of planet Rilgar. Your goal is to win the race, which will be 3 laps long, by beating the other racers. The pace will be very slow, so you need to hit as many speed boosters on the ground and go through as many speed boost rings in the air as possible. Beat the first race to get the Platinum Zoomerator to bring back to Skid's agent.

During the race, you can do tricks by pressing the shoulder buttons in combinations. During the first race, there is no point to doing tricks because they do nothing. Focus on winning the race. If you go back to the race after beating it at least once, doing tricks will have some great benefits.

By using the shoulder buttons (R1 R2 L1 L2) in various combinations after you hit a jump, you can perform various tricks. If completed (by doing the trick and landing safely), you will be given points and also some boost in your speed boost bar in the top left of the screen. When you have some boost in your boost bar, it allows you do make your own speed boosts using the Square button. This is helpful for when you miss speed boosts, when you come to a part of the race where there are no speed boosts around, when you want a bigger lead, or when you need to catch up. Let's face it..to win the race, you need to almost be at an accelerated speed the whole time, meaning you need to aim for every speed boost and try to get your speed boost bar filled so you can use a speed boost when you need it. The best way to fill up your speed boost bar is to do as many tricks as possible. The best way to do that is to hit big jumps when you are going faster than the normal slow pace of the race. By hitting the big jumps when going faster, you will be sent higher in the air for longer, which will allow you do do more tricks for more points, and get more boost. Almost everytime you find yourself in the air, you can do a trick or two, so be aware of when you can pull some tricks off.


The next Hoverboard race will take place on planet Kalebo III. You will be able to enter the second race once you find the Gadgetron guy who will let you in them.

The second race is very similar to the first race, but with a few changes. The first thing you will notice is the brighter atmosphere, which makes the second race much more inviting than the first. The next change you will notice is that you can attack the other racers with a rocket weapon (first by collecting a glowing rocket or two) and then pressing the Circle button when there is a racer ahead of you to fire a rocket at them. This addition is useful for getting the opponents out of the way, which is helpful if you want the win.

The next new thing you will notice is that there are a few shortcuts you can take. One of them is found near the end of every lap. You will eventually come to a point in the race where you see 3 horseshoe-like overpasses on a right turn. Go through all 3 overpasses and you will make the forcefield of the first shortcut turn off, which will be located to the right of the 3rd horseshoe-like overpass. This will cut off about 10-20 seconds from the race, and allow you to get a lead on or catch up to the other racers. The second shortcut is found shortly after the first one. After the first shortcut, you will come to a jump that will take you over a part of the levels ocean. Before the jump, if you look to your upper-right, you will see a road up high. By taking this ocean jump at while going faster, you can make it to this road. It is the first part of this shortcut. On the road will be 3 horseshoe-like overpasses. Go through all 3 of them and it will turn off the forcefield to the shortcut ahead. At the end of the road, you will need to make a small jump to the land infront of you and make another small jump into the hole in the building you see ahead. This shortcut will cut off about 5-10 seconds from the race and allow you to get a bigger lead on or catch up to other racers.


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