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[edit] Hoverbike Racing

Hover bike racing is the new races in the Ratchet and Clank world. In the first adventures of the duo, we were able to use Hover boards to race and pull off tricks. This time around, we were given pod-racing like flying cars to zoom around tracks with. It is a fast and furious sport that delivers the thrill of speed and edge-of-your-seat excitement while earning bolts and respect. Fight back multiple G's while battling against a grid of riders for first place.

Challenges in Hover bike races can range from straight out racing to heated Weapons combat. True Commandos will be able to find shortcuts and use turbo boosts to their advantage. [Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando players manual]

[edit] Controls

The controls of the Hover bike are quite easy to learn, and it will just take some practice to get really good. The controls are as follows:

  • Steer the Hover bike - Left Analog Stick or Directional Buttons
  • Accelerate - (X) button
  • Turbo Boost - [ R1 ] Button or [ R2 ] Button
  • Fire Weapon - [ L1 ] Button or [ L2 ] Button

The best way to steer would be to use the directional buttons on the top left corner of your controller. The joystick takes some practice to master.

Good hand position would be to grip the handles with your pinkie, ring finger, and middle finger. Your right thumb should be on the ( X ) button to give your Hover bike some gas. Place your right index finger on the [ R1 ] button (for turbo use) and your left index finger on the [ L1 ] button (for weapon use). This gives you comfort as well as great hand position so you can get to the buttons you need fast.

[edit] Weapons

As racers, you are given 3 different weapons to find during races. They are the Lightning Shot, Machine Guns, and Homing Rockets (as well as a force field weapon).

The Lightning Shot is most useful at the start or a race or when you are near lots of people. It shoots out a horizontal lightning bolt blast that travels along the ground and hits every racer in its path within a certain area. It seems like a waste of a great weapon if you use it on one or two people, but even that can be pretty useful.

The Machine Guns are an amazingly useful weapon to have. You are given a large bar that has a lot of shots in it. If you hold the fire button, you will shoot a large stream of machine gun shots. Basically one shot will make an enemy racer blow up. This weapon lasts a long time, so it might be wise to have this one at most times.

The Homing Rockets do the same thing that their name suggests. They are rockets that home onto racers and blow them up. This weapon contains 3 rockets and then it runs out, so that's three good shots and 3 blown up enemies. This is a good weapon, but it doesn't always work perfectly and it doesn't last long.

The force field weapon surrounds you in a blue energy shield that protects you from weapon shots and racer ramming for an amount of time. If you get this weapon, try to go out of your way to ram other racers because it can blow them up. This weapon is most useful in the Challenges where the racers shoot at you, but it is a little harder to get than the other weapons.

[edit] The Two Races

There are two different Hoverbike races in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, both on different planets.

The first race takes place on Planet Barlow. It can be found by making it to the end of the left path, jumping over a small cliff, talking to the racer, and using your Electrolyzer to unlock a Hoverbike. You have to win one race before the racer gives you a Helmet, and after that, you can do the other races. As said, you start with a first race, and when you win it, you unlock a second race. There are a total of 5 races on this planet, each ranging in difficulty.

Challenge 1: Amateur Circuit

Main Canyon open Turbos Available Shortcuts (Caves) Locked Weapons Locked

Challenge 2: Intermediate Circuit

Main Canyon open Weapons and Turbos Available Shortcuts (Caves) Locked

Challenge 3: Vukovar Circuit

Main Canyon and Caves (Shortcuts) Open Weapons and Turbos Available

Challenge 4: Assault Circuit

Main Canyon and Caves (Shortcuts) Open Weapons and Turbos Available Racers Attack Ratchet

Challenge 5: Expert Circuit

Main Canyon and Caves (Shortcuts) Open Weapons and Turbos Available Racers Attack Ratchet

Hb 2.jpg

Hb 1.jpg

The second race can be found on Planet Joba taking the right path from the beginning of the main level, and using your swingshot a few times to get to the Hoverbike. Once you beat the first race, you get another race. You can unlock 5 races here also.

Challenge 1: Amateur Circuit

Main Course Open Weapons and Turbos Available Single Turret Active

Challenge 2: Intermediate Circuit

Main Course Open Weapons and Turbos Available All Turrets Active

Challenge 3: Joba Circuit

All Routes Open Weapons and Turbos Available All Turrets Active

Challenge 4: Assault Circuit

All Routes Open Weapons and Turbos Available All Turrets Active Racers Attack Ratchet

Challenge 5: Expert Circuit

All Routes Open Weapons and Turbos Available All Turrets Active Racers Attack Ratchet

Hb 3.jpg

Hb 42.jpg

[edit] Shortcuts

On Barlow, there is one shortcut that will cut off a lot of time. After you go through the water area, you will come to a tunnel. Look on the right ride for arrows before the end of the tunnel. Before the arrows is a block, which is where the shortcut opens up in races 3, 4, and 5.

On Joba, there are three shortcuts (one of which that most people may not know about if they didn't look closely at their maps). The first can be found at the 2 tunnels at the end of the first room. When it opens up, take the right tunnel. The right side is faster, gives you a weapon, and gives you a better angle for the mud area land speed boost. The second shortcut is located in the mud area. On the right side, basically parallel to the land speed boost, is a tunnel that cuts off a large chunk of the course, and coincidently ends right at the third shortcut. Look at your map to see where it is basically. In it are two speed boosts and a weapon. The third shortcut (if not found by using shortcut 2) is located in the area where three robots try to drop three bombs each on you. Right at the end before the tunnel with the arrows pointing to it, turn right and hit the jump fast (speed boost helps). Navigate through the twists and fly off the edge to enter a tunnel which leads you back to the start of the race. This shortcut can get you two speed boosts and a weapon or one speed boost, one weapon, and a weapon replacement.

[edit] Speed Boosts/Strategies

During both Hover bike races, you can drive over Speed Boosts and also collect little speed boosts. The look like little triangles, and are scattered around the course enough to almost always have one. You can collect up to 3 at a time, and you can keep refilling them. If you are coming up to a ground Speed Boost, try not to use a triangle boost because that would be a waste. Try to always have at least one, and if you can, keep 3 at all times. They help you pass other racers, as well as go through shortcuts and they even cut off lots of time in some cases. It may be wiser to go out of your way to get these boosts and forget about weapons because in some cases they can be better than weapons. Remember that you don't need weapons to pass racers.

[edit] Dodging Rockets/Help/Strategies

Some people may not know this, but you can dodge enemy rockets. If you do not know how, you may get discouraged when you are struck with a rocket and find yourself in a low place and struggling to get back in the lead. If a rockets crosshairs lock onto you and turn red, you will be shot. If it stays green, you won't be shot. The simple way to dodge a rocket is by swerving your Hover bike before the crosshairs lock onto you. For example, if the crosshairs come from the left side, try to swerve to the right and not let it lock onto you. It is the exact same thing if it comes from the right side, swerve left. If the crosshairs appear to be almost locked onto you, just swerve back and forth. Keep in mind that just because he rocket is locked onto you, doesn?t mean it can't hit things on the way to you.

Another thing that people may not know is that it is possible to get a small speed boost at the start of the race that will boost you to first place for a short time. Right after the light goes green (which should be the 5th circle), hit the gas and you should shoot ahead of everyone. This is very useful.

The good thing is that you don't have to worry about dodging rockets until you make it to the Assault and Expert circuits.

In the first few races before course shortcuts are opened, all you have to do is race. You don't have to worry about rockets hitting you or using shortcuts to stay in the lead. Just keep getting speed boosts and zooming ahead of everyone.

When shortcuts are open for use, use them every lap because if not, other racers will and they will get ahead of you. Shortcuts keep you in races, so use them.

Avoid the dinosaurs on Barlow and the dropping bombs on Joba. They make you explode, and exploding isn't a good thing.

In the Joba race, at start, jerk right and get the speed boost. Then turn right and get another speed boost. If the right tunnel is open, go through it. Watch out for the moving doors.

In the Barlow race, start by getting the speed boost on the right and not the weapon when it is available. Then get the next speed boost, followed by the weapon. This way, you get 2 speed boosts and a weapon instead of one speed boost, one weapon, and a weapon replacement.

In races when the racers attack you, the best bet of living and winning is to take the shortcuts, dodge enemy rockets, and use speed boosts at all times. Also, try to not run into walls and hit beasts that may dwell throughout the level. It should be easy enough to win if you try to follow these tips.

[edit] Nanotech Boost

In the Hover bike race on Planet Joba, you can obtain a Nanotech Boost during the race. This can be obtained on the Assault or Expert circuit. When you reach the swampy clearing go to the right and enter the shortcut. At the first left turn in the shortcut, there will be a wall with a Nanotech Boost near it. Make sure to slow down to get it. Just drive through it.

[edit] Platinum Bolt

Hidden within the Hover bike race on Planet Barlow, there is a Platinum Bolt to collect. It can be obtained in any of the races. After the water section when the course turns to the right, make a sharp left and Platinum Bolt will be in the tunnel you just turned into. Just drive through it.

[edit] Skill Points

You can get 2 of the 30 skill points during Hover bike races, one in each of them. Both involve beating a race in a certain time.

On Planet Barlow's race, you have to beat the time of 2:10. This will be very hard in every race except the 3rd challenge. The reason to try to beat the time in this race is because the shortcut will be open and the racers will not shoot at you with their weapons. It can be very frustrating in the other races to try to beat a time.

On Planet Joba's race, you have to beat the time of 2:27. Again, use the 3rd race to collect this skill point for the same reasons, except that three shortcuts will be open instead of one.

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