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[edit] Lot 42

Lot 42 at Holostar Studios is where the smash-hit, Secret Agent Clank is filmed. This famous holo-vid studios is responsible for classics such as Gone With Solar Wings, Star of the Wars. and the Adventure of Pokitaru Peterson. In order to suck information from the new Courtney Gears, Clank had to giver her one of his parts on the set. Lights, Camera, Action!

[edit] Mission 1: Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode


1. Destroy the Mini-Ninjas

2. [Optional] Take a chance at the slots and hope for some bolts

3. Use the famous monkey, Skrunch, to get up onto the roof

4. Take control of the Gadgebots

5. Have a boxing match with the Terror of Talos

[edit] Mission 2: Escape the Thyrranoid Ambush


1. Make your way through the swarms of Thyrranoids

2. Make the purchase of a Rift Inducer

3. Get the Ratchet Trophy

4. Find your little buddy, also known as Clank.

5. Find all Titanium Bolts on this planet

[edit] Level Extras

  • Clank Trophy - See Trophies
  • Titanium Bolt 1 - When you are inside the casino, jump up the the left set of seats to find the Titanium Bolt right at the top.

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