Future Tools Skill Points


[edit] Future Tools Skill Points

[edit] General

No, Up YOUR Arsenal - up grade every weapon to the max

Roflcopter - turn enemies into penguins then use the visicopter to destroy the penguins

Golden Children - Find all the shiny hard to find bolts(gold bolts)

Cheapskate - purchase a single Combuster shot

Everybody Dance now - make every type of enemy in the game dance(not including bossess)

Chorus Line - get a certain number of enemies to dance together(it doesnt say how much)

Happy Feat - get several penguins to dance on the screen

Disco Inferno - use the Groovitron followed by the pyro blaster

Bolts in the Bank - Sell A bunch of leviathan souls to the smuggler

It's Like The South Pole Here - Have Several enemies and/or citezens turned into penguins

Say Hello To My Little Friend - kill a bunch of enemies with one RYNO shot

For The Hoard - Get Every Combat Device

Promoted to Inspector - Get Every Gadget

Global Thermonuclear War - Get Every Weapon

Its Even Better The Second Time - Complete Challenge Mode

The Hardest Core - Get all skill points and everything else in the game

[edit] Cobalia

Smashing Good Time - Destroy All Crates

I Should Have Gone Down In A Barrel - jump into each of the 2 gel waterfall areas in Cobalia gel Factory

Giant Hunter - Kill Several Basillisk leviathans in the cobalia wilderness

[edit] Stratus City

Wrench Ninja 3 - Use Only the omniwrench to get through the levelto the robo wings segment

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bridges - Cross The Tripad Sequence Using gel cube bounces

Surface-to-air - Plasma Beasts - take out several flying targets using a specific weapon

Been Around - Take Off From Every RoboWing Pad in Stratus City

[edit] Voron

Mine Sweeper - Destroy 12 mines

Whats That, R2? - Barrel Roll Multiple Times

[edit] Imperial Fight Festival

I Think Im Going To Be Sick - Ride The Ferris Wheel 5 Times without taking damage

Fast and Fireious - Use the charge boots to cross the bridge to the arena without being burned

One Heckuva Peep Hole - Return After Receiving The Geo Laser and complete the Geolaser setup

[edit] Apogee Space Station

Alphabet City - Teleport to each of the six asteroids in Alphabetical order

Knock You Down to Size - Wrench Slam 5 Cerullean Centipedes

Dancin' With The Stars - Make a bunch Of Enemies Dance at once on an asteroid

[edit] Pirate Base

Taste O' Yer Own Medicine - Destroy all Corsairs with the Combuster

Preemptive Strike - Destroy 5 Thwogs while they are still sleeping

Its Mutiny Cap'n! - Change 5 Pirates Into Penguins in one shot

[edit] Rakar

You Sunk My Battleship! - Shoot Down 75% Of The Flying Ships

Pretty lights - Complete the level without destroying any of the Snatchers Ive Got Places to Be - Kill the boss in less than 2:30

[edit] Rykan V

The Consumer Is Not (always) Right - Destroy a bunch of consumer bots in the level

Live Strong - Complete the GyroCycle area in 1:45

Untouchable - Don't Get Hit When Driving the GyroCycle

[edit] Sargasso

It Sounds Like A Freight Train - Get just under a dozen Anthropods in one tornado

Head Examine - Land on the head of all Troglosaurs in Sargasso

Extinction - Kill All the Sargasso Grunthers

[edit] Iris

Lombaxes Don't Like Cold - Break All The breakable icicles

Mow Down Hoedown - use turrets to destroy multiple dancing pirates

Saucy Wrench - Destroy all campfire Cauldrons With your wrench

[edit] Zordoom

Dancin' On The Ceiling - Successfully use a groovitron while on a gravity ramp

Seared Ahi - Use the pyro blaster on 3 Drophyd Creatures After Freeing them from their robotic suits

[edit] Borag

Expert Marksman - kill The Vast Majority of all the enemies

Can't touch this - avoid making contact with anything before fighting the boss

Pyew Pyew! - Complete the level without Secondary fire

[edit] Kerchu

Dead Aim - Destroy Several Destructible towers while on the pirate barge

Fire with fire - kill 2 Kerchu Pyrogaurds with the Pyroblaster

[edit] Slag Fleet

Six Gun Salute - Get Several Pirates to salute to ratchet while in the pirate disguise

[edit] Cragmite Ruins

Gotta Catch 'Em All - hit all Cragmite soldiers with the magnet launcher

[edit] Meridian

Stay Still So I Can Shoot You! - use strafe flip multiple times while fighting Cragmite soldiers

Now Boarding- Complete the Gyro Cycle in 0:55 seconds

Low Flying Howls - Fly Underneath an electrified barrier with the Robo Wings.

[edit] Fastoon (Revisited)

Nowhere To Hide - Destroy Every Piece of breakable cover

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