Drek (final fight)

[edit] Drek (final fight)

To begin with, you face Drek as Giant Clank. Attack him however you want to, it's not particularly difficult to beat him here. After that, you can teleport back to your ship and even leave the planet at this point, and it might be a good thing to. The Devastator and the Blaster should definitely be fully stocked, while the Tesla Claw (if you've got it) should also be. The Visibomb Gun might help, and the Decoy Glove and Drone Device may be of assistance. The Gadgetron PDA can make things easier for you. If you're going to use the R.Y.N.O., you shouldn't need anything else. Follow him when ready.

Drek will attack with barrages of missiles which target the ground before landing, giving you an opportunity to avoid them. He also attacks with homing mines which approach Ratchet if he gets too near. Drek can also launch fire bombs, which explode on contact with the ground and produce a large wave of flame. This can be avoided by jumping over the wave as it approaches you. It also provides a good opportunity to attack Drek, and handily clears the area of mines. After taking a large amount of damage, Drek will fire an energy ball at the area you're standing on, causing it to crack. It will fall away in parts as you move toward the platforms leading to Drek. Follow him and the battle resumes. After more damage, Drek attacks the area again, before retreating to the deck of the Deplanetizer. Follow his mech.

On the Deplanetizer, you will see a cut-scene before the battle continues. Drek has activated the Deplanetizer's countdown, and if you don't use the Thruster-Pack to crash down on it and stop the countdown, you lose. You have thirty seconds at first, and this gradually decreases every time he activates it (which he does several times). Drek has three new attacks. When you deactiovate the countdown, he will chase Ratchet with a heat shield around his mech's engines, which will damage Ratchet if it touches him at all. Run toward the rails on the edge of the Deplanetizer and grind on them (attacking Drek if you've got enough ammo) until he stops. Drek can also deploy several robots which will chase Ratchet - again, grinding on the rails works to help you avoid them, and Drek's bombs will destroy them anyway. Drek's final attack is when he flies away from the Deplanetizer and starts firing energy balls at you. These can be difficult to avoid, and grinding might be of help to you. Eventually, missiles will start flying everywhere. Move constantly to avoid them and keep at Drek until he finally loses.

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