[edit] Daxx

Daxx is the planet where Dr. Nefarious develops his sinister weapons. It's a sure fact that this planet has a lot of bustling activity. Dr. Nefarious is not as dull as he seems. He has chosen the planet's location wisely. The water-based planet is heavily guarded by robots and will take someone with serious skill to infiltrate it.

[edit] Mission 1: Explore the Docks


1. Defeat the Guard Bots in a quick, timely manner

2. Obtain the useful Charge Boots

3. Find Plumber's Trophy

4. When the Warship appears, defeat it

5. Discover that Courtney and her back-up dancers are evil

6. Get the Titanium Bolt

[edit] Mission 2: Infiltrate the Weapons Facility


1. Figure out the path to the facility

2. Defeat the viscious enemies on your way

3. Break into the Facility

4. Find the Titanium Bolt

5. Channel the computer terminal

[edit] Level Extras

  • Plumber Trophy - See Trophies
  • Titanium Bolt #1 - After the last objective in Mission 1, before going to the next planet, use the Hypershot to activate the platform. Hover to the next. Keep doing this from platform to platform until you reach the last one with the well deserved Titanium Bolt on it.
  • Titanium Bolt #2 - In the second room of Mission 2, there is but one Sharpshooter that is guarding a switch way across the room. Defeat him, flip the switch, and return to room one. On the opposite side of this room a door that is now open will take you outside. Follow the trail, taking out enemies, and there will be a Titanium Bolt at the end.
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