Darkwater Cove

[edit] Your Visit to the Cove: Hunt for the Fulcrum Star

Ratchet, Talwyn, and The Smuggler soon arrive at the Cove. Before The Smuggler leaves, he gives Ratchet the rest of his weapons (which he found earlier in the day on the shore of Hoolefar Island). Ratchet and Talwyn soon find a door with a Pirate head on it. It asks who Ratchet is, and he says that he is Captain Darkwater. The door then tells Ratchet to prove who he is by fighting like the Captain. The beach is then swarmed with little crabs which Ratchet fends off, and then they gain entrance to the door and to the main parts of the island/cove. They need to search the island for clues to where the treasure is (the Fulcrum Star), so they begin their quest around.

One path leads you to an area where you must complete a puzzle that deals with playing Darkwater's special song. Just talk to the help-wall Pirate and make sure you pay attention until the song is complete. The next path leads to a puzzle where you need to create 3 special beverage brews for a Pirate. Again, pay attention and it should be easy. After you complete both puzzles, a staircase will be created that leads Ratchet and Talwyn to the island with the last puzzle. For the last puzzle, you need to create a shadow of a Pirate skull on the wall by pushing the 3 parts in the designated square area. Keep an eye on special light created when a piece of the skull is in the right place. This puzzle may take a little time to think it out. When complete, you find out that this puzzle was a trap, and you are ambushed by a bunch of Pirates. The door opens when you win thne fight, and inside is the Fulcrum Star.

Talwyn first goes in, and is captured by Captain Slag and Rusty Pete, who grab the Fulcrum Star as well. So you chase after them in some caves. When you leave the first room, go right and bring over the bridge. Next, make your way up the structure, alive. When at the top, grab a light big and toss it over to the other side of the cave. Swingshot over, swing over the bridge, fight off the enemies, and continue on with your light bug. Walk across the thin walkway course to the other side, bring down the pathway by bringing down the floors on the wall, make your way through the area, and crank the bolt you will soon find. In the area that follows is a boss fight with Sprocket, the leader of the Pirates that are often seen over the Angorian Sea. This fight should last less than a minute if your weapons have been decently upgraded.

When done, go up the elevator and grind back to the beach. You see Darkwater's ship float off towards Hoolefar Island, so off you go to head them off over the Angorian Sea.


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