Constructo Bomb

Constructo Bomb
Constructo Bomb.png
Game(s) A Crack in Time
Manufacturers GrummelNet
First Available Zolar Forest, Quantos
Ammo Cost 10 Bolts
Ammo Held (before upgrades) 10 Constructo Bombs
Upgrade Mega Constructo Bomb

The Constructo Bomb is a Constructo-line[1] weapon originally introduced in A Crack in Time. It was the first available weapon in the GrummelNet Vendor (excluding the Constructo Pistol, which Ratchet started with) on Planet Quantos, and could be purchased for 1,000 bolts. Upon obtaining it, Captain Quark exclaims, "Hey, how come you get all the cool weapons?".


[edit] Base Stats

As the Constructo Bomb levels up when it kills enemies, so do its stats. Stats develop in a set manner, and what changes depends on what level (referred to as Version) the weapon itself is on. The Base Stats are as follows:

[edit] Modifications

As part of the Constructo-line of weapons, the Constructo Bomb is able to be customized for any possible situation. Modifications are found throughout the world, either through winning battle competitions at the Agorian Battleplex in the Korthos Sector, through completing missions on various sector moons, or through adventuring and finding them on different planets.

Constructo Bomb Modifications
Trigger Contact Proximity Timed
Standard Triggers when an enemy enters detection Gives an explosion delay
Payload Explosive Shockwave Skyburst
Standard Emits a sonic shockwave Focuses power to airborne enemies
Upgrade Toxic Shrapnel Barrage
Emits poisonous toxin Explodes into shrapnel Produces mini-bombs

[edit] GrummelNet Preview

"Are you tired of having to purchase a different weapon for every occasion? Then try GrummelNet's new Constructo line, and take charge of your arsenal. Each weapon can be modified with any constructo-approved upgrade: Rate of fire, ammo type, specialty triggers. If you can dream it, Constructo can deliver it. Now available in three flavors: The Constructo Bomb Glove, Constructo Pistol, and Constructo Shotgun."[1] - GrummelNet Vendor when viewing preview

[edit] References

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