Buzz Blades

Buzz Blades
Buzz Blades.png

First Available Planet Ardolis
Ammo Cost 8
Ammo Held 200
Upgrades To Doom Blades
First Available Vorselon's Warship
Ammo Cost 5
Ammo Held 75
Upgrades To Doom Blades

The Buzz Blades are a weapon in Tools of Destruction[1] and A Crack in Time[2]. It is a rapid-fire weapon, useful for smaller enemies. The Buzz Saws also had the ability to ricochet off of enemies, unlike another similar weapon from the series, the Disk Blade Gun from Up Your Arsenal[3]. Unlike the Chopper from Going Commando[4], the Buzz Blades do not multiply as they hit enemies.

[edit] Tools of Destruction

In Tools of Destruction, Ratchet is first able to purchase this weapon when he arrives on Planet Ardolis after leaving the Apogee Space Station, alongside the Nano Swarmers. The Buzz Blades cost 40,000 bolts, and they power up over time to upgrade into the Doom Blades. Through Raritanium unlocks, this weapon could obtain Cesium Blade Edges.

  • V1: 45
  • V2: 54
  • V3: 64
  • V4: 77
  • V5: 93

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