Azorian Sea

[edit] First Visit: The Beginning

The first level in Quest For Booty. Ratchet and Talwyn arrive in search of Captain Darkwater. They recently had found a clue that leads them to believe that he knows how to get to the Zoni dimension. Once they arrive on the planet/level, they find it overrun by Space Pirates, who tell them that Darkwater is dead. They also meet up with Rusty Pete, who is devastated at the loss of his Captain in Tools of Destruction, Captain Slag. At the end of the level, a pirate finds the mask of Slag's face and with the help of Sprocket and the rest of his pirate crew, banishes Ratchet and Talwyn to the distant Hoolefar Island, by cannon blast.

[edit] Second Visit: The End

Ratchet boards the first ship, and immediately squares off with Captain Slag/Darkwater - a battle which will take part along the entire level. Fight him for a bit, and then he runs off. Enter the ship, and you will soon find Talwyn trapped behind a forcefield. Go out of the room and pick up a dead Pirate skull and throw it through the forcefield, disabling it and setting her free. Exit the room with her through a newly opened wall.

Follow Talwyn to the top of the ship and catapult yourself to the next ship. Your battle with Slag/Darkwater continues. He will be in his spirit form (Darkwater takes control of the body). For this part of the battle, you need to dodge his attacks and then kill his Pirate minions when they appear. When they die, they will drop a Pirate head, which you need to throw at Slag/Darkwater to change him back to his body form (Slag in control) so you can attack him again. When he is back in body form, keep attacking until he runs off again. Your ship will soon come and take you to the next Pirate ship.

Go in the ship, crank the bolt, and take the elevator up. Your battle with Slag/Darkwater continues again, and then he will run off yet again. Follow him, fight off the Pirates that will soon appear, and then catapult yourself to the next little ship. It will be the first of a few little ships that you need to cross before you do some Swingshot work to make it to the next main Pirate ship.

The battle with Slag/Darkwater soon continues. Throw a Pirate head when you can, and he will return to body form. Keep attacking until he returns to spirit form, and then hit him with another Pirate head. When he returns to body form, keep attacking until you finish him off. When you win the battle, he will drop the Fulcrum Star on the ship and fall into the water. Rusty Pete dives in after him to try and save his life, and Ratchet picks up the Star. Ratchet and Talwyn soon head back to Hoolefar Island.

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