Annihilation Nation


[edit] Annihilation Nation

Station Q9, also known as the Annihilation Nation, one of the galaxy's game shows. To win special prizes, these, players, must endure the Death Course. This is an intense obstacle course filled with deadly hazards, enemies, and dangerous traps. If you make it through, you still have to beat another tough obstacle called the Challenge Arena.

[edit] Mission 1: Win the Tyhrra-Guise


1. Navigate through the Deathcourse

2. Find the Titanium Bolt

3. Survive the Battle Arena

4. Win the Tyhhra-Guise

[edit] Mission 2: Win all Challenges [optional]


1. Complete all Deathcourse and arena challenges.

2. Meet Gary and Helen

3. Complete all arena challenges.

[edit] Weapons

  • Agents of Doom

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - On the first challenge, Heat Street, you will spot a Titanium Bolt perched atop a rocky platform. Position Ratchet right next to the platform and execute a double jump to reach it.
  • The hovering cameras are worth 70 bolts each when smashed
  • You can use the Refractor to shield against laser attacks

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