[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Ratchet & Clank
  • Hovership
  • Hoverboard
    • This is a racing vehicle that is only used in two races that you take part in in the game. Visit the Hoverboard Racing page for further details.

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
  • Hovership
  • Hoverbike
    • This is a racing vehicle that is only used in two races that you take part in in the game. Visit the Hoverbike Racing page for further details.

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
  • Hovership
  • Turboslider
    • This vehicle is a two-person vehicle, one driver and one person controlling the gun on the back of the vehicle. Ratchet and Scrunch are the two people on it. It is an off-road vehicle that can generate a good amount of speed, while staying very stable (even when landing after a jump/hill).
  • Galactic Ranger Mission 'Flying Ship'
    • This is a flying vehicle used in certain missions for the Galactic Rangers. You are able to fly around with it (up, down, sideways). You can also use the ships machine gun weapon to shoot down other ships/enemies in the air, as well as attack enemies on the ground.

[edit] Ratchet: Deadlocked
  • Hovership
  • Hoverbike
    • The Hoverbike is a light but quick bike that is equipped with forward-facing machine guns. It is really built for racing, rather than all-out combat. Since there are no actual races in this game, it is used in a few missions to zoom around and take foes down. Seats 1 person.
  • Hovership (Space Fights)
    • The Hovership is used for a few space combat-like missions in the game. It is however not used in any actual space battles, like Going Commando had. Seats 2 people.
  • Landstalker (Spiderbot)
    • The Land Stalker is a spider-bot mech that seats two people, a driver and a gunner. The Land Stalker has a powerful machine gun, as well as targeted mortar rounds that can be either be fired one at a time or charged up to release a few mortar rounds at once, which inflicts heavy damage on enemies and structures. It can jump over hills and various obstacles with ease, as well as jump-strafe to the left and right. Seats 2 people.
  • Puma (Tank)
    • The Puma is a quick and fairly heavily armed all-terrain tank vehicle that seats one person. It has a high-powered cannon on top for taking out enemies in your way. Seats 2 people.

[edit] Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
  • Hovership
  • Hoverbike
    • This vehicle is used by Ratchet in the opening cutscene in the game, where is is quickly destroyed. The player does not control the vehicle.
  • Gyro-Cycle
    • The Smuggler lets you buy this little vehicle for 5000 bolts and you get to use it in a few different levels to get around to various parts of the level. It allows you to enter certain tunnels and take part in special gameplay relating to the vehicle itself. You are on a seat with handlebars, and the vehicle itself appears to be a sparkly forcefield around you. You then roll around levels, and are able to slow down and speed up at your own will. You can also charge up your speed and release it, making you shoot forward in a fast burst.

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