[edit] Trophies

Scattered throughout the game are 15 collectable trophies: 9 of them being character trophies and 6 of them being trophies earned by completing something in the game, such as finding all the Titanium Bolts. Below is information on how to get all the trophies.

[edit] Character Trophies

Ratchet - Florana

Located in hidden room opposite top of the Jump Slot. Walk out onto the ledge of the building and travel along the outer edge to the area with the trophy.

Clank - Holostar Studios

Located on a platform to the right of the elevator near the first Hacker Terminal.

Big Al - Tyrrhanosis

Located on top of a cliff during the "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets" mission.

Courtney Gears - Koros

Located inside the building next to the stacked metallic crates.

Dr Nefarious - Crash Site

Located on a ledge after second set of debris.

Plumber - Daxx

Located on the balcony of the building where you find the Charge Boots.

Skrunch - Metropolis

Located on the curved bridge, through the window on the right.

Lawrence - Mylon

Located at the top of the ramp along the section before the Hacker Terminal. Located on top of a storage tank at top of the ramp.

Captain Qwark - Qwark's Hideout

Located inside a small structure just before locating Captain Qwark.

[edit] Achievement Trophies

Skill Master - 30 Skill Points

Titanium Collector - 40 Titanium Bolts

Annihilation Nation Champion - Beat all A.N. challenges

Friend of the Rangers - Beat all Ranger challenges

Nano Finder - Upgrade your Health bar to 200 HP

Omega Arsenal - Upgrade all 19 weapons to V8 and the RY3NO to V5

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