[edit] Thyrranosis

The Q-Force was able to discover the location of this planet by all of the information that Ratchet and Clank have gathered on it from previous planets. This is the Thyranoid's base planet and is, like all other planets that we have seen so far, heavily guarded by these creatures. Dr. Nefarious already knows that you are coming and gives you a very warm welcome: hundreds of challenging monsters to beat. To defeat this planet, Ratchet and Clank are going to have to destroy it from the outside.

[edit] Mission 1: Take Out the Power Generators


1. Parachute into the battlefield

2. Enter the base's outer structure and penetrate it

3. Decimate the power generators

[edit] Mission 2: Destroy the Plasma Cannon Turrets


1. Enter the Turboslider and leap over a bridge with it

2. Find and annihilate the generators for the four power turrets.

3. Seek the Titanium Bolt

4. After the Titanium Bolt, find the Big Al trophy

[edit] Mission 3: Defeat the Momma Tyhrranoid


1. She will try to whack Ratchet and Clank with her slimy tentacles, swinging her long arms back and forth until she hits you. If you start to get too far, she will sprint towards you.

2. She will get exhausted from running and then hang on the ceiling. In the back of her is a turret gun which she will start to fire back and forth across the arena.

3. When you have taken away half of her health, she will deactivate a force field and lower a bridge that leads to the Control Room. She will destroy parts of the walkway so you cannot leave the way you came.

4. Her eyes will change. This means that Ratchet and Clank need to run and get far away from her. She will start to chase them down while shooting missiles at them.


Change your weapons accordingly to fit her attacks and she will go down fairly quickly.

[edit] Mission 4: Destroy the Encampment [optional]

After you defeat the Momma Tyhrranoid, you can choose to aid the Galactic Rangers in defeating the rest of the Tyhrranoid Base. This is good if you want to buy a few new weapons.


Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3
1st Round 8,000 bolts 2,600 bolts 800 bolts
2nd Round 12,000 bolts 4,000 bolts 1,200 bolts
3rd Round 16,000 bolts 4,000 bolts 1,200 bolts
4th Round 20,000 bolts 6,600 2,000

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt - You can only get this bolt if you go and buy Hypershot and then come back to this planet. Now that you have Hypershot, you can get a Titanium Bolt that you never could before. Get into the TurboSlider and jump over the bridge. Follow the dirt trail to the left and go into the tunnel. Once you are inside, hop on the ledges until the HyperShot targets are visible. Use the Hypershot to swing across the gap and and round the corner is the Titanium Bolt.
  • Big Al Trophy - See Trophies.
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