The Thyrranoids come in all different shapes and sizes and are Nefarious' unwitting pawns in a chessboard that is the galaxy. Nefarious is using the Thyrranoids to try and take down Captain Qwark along with Qwarks acquaintances such as Ratchet and Clank in particular.

[edit] Types of Tyhrranoids

  • One-eyed Thyrranoids
  • Mecha-Thyrranoids
  • Ultra Mecha Thyrranoids
  • Thyrranoid Attack Ship
  • Two-Eyed Thyrranoids
  • Three-eyed Thyrranoids
  • Momma Thyrranoid
  • One-Eyed Thyrranoids V2

[edit] Thyrranese

Thyrranese is the language that the Thyrranoids speak. To speak Thyrranese, tap and hold the correct corresponding button displayed as it moves across the bottom of the screen. Be careful not too mess up too badly though, these little guys are known for their temper tantrums!

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