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On Planet Umbris, after fighting your way through the Gauntlet to Qwark, you find out that he is working for Drek and has been trying to kill you. He releases a huge Snagglebeat on you that you need to take out to survive. The battlefield looks like a bunch of little islands with attached bridges, lava all around.

Stay a good distance away from it or it will blast you and take out lots of HP. It will send out 3 shockwaves that you need to dodge (or be far enough away from so that they dissolve before reaching you), followed by a laser blast on the ground that will briefly burst into flames (which you also need to dodge). Between the last shockwave and laser blast, you need to run close enough to him to blast away at his health with your Blaster and/or Agents of Doom. Run away when he starts to shockwave you again. Keep repeating this until he gets fed up, rawrs, and then puts up an energy shield and runs after you. When this happens, you need to cross a bridge to another island. He will follow you, but the bridge will collapse and he will fall into the lava and lose HP. The bridge will then be a few little bridge segments floating in the lava, which you can still cross. Do not stay on a piece of bridge debris for too long because it will drop into the lava. He will jump out of the lava and be on a new island.

Repeat the steps of blasting him (as said above, do not go too close) and running to a new island so he follows you over a bridge and it collapses two more times. After the second time, it is very important that you do not go too close to him, or he will send out a tornado breath at you and steal all your weapons ammo, and scatter it around the map (you will then have to take a break and run to collect all your ammo, which is very dangerous because it is very easy to fall into the lava and die). After the 3rd bridge collapse, he will disappear into the lava and be defeated.

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