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[edit] Weapons of the Series

[edit] Ratchet and Clank

-15 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Blaster - A small machine gun that is extremely effective and can be bought at the start of the game. Effective against small to medium enemies, and is still quite effective as you progress through the game too.
  • Bomb Glove - A handheld bomb-thrower that is given to you for free at the start of the game. Very Effective against smaller enemies, but slower gets more and more obsolete as newer weapons are unlocked.
  • Decoy Glove - A glove that creates 'decoy' inflatables that your enemies will attack, instead of you! Used to distract enemies so you can escape (if outnumbered) or concentrate on killing them with ease.
  • Devastator - A two handed missile launcher that can home in on targets. A good, all round weapon that is effective against all enemies. Ammo is expensive, so pick your shots carefully.
  • Drone Device
  • Glove of Doom - A glove that will spawn 4 other lethal comrades that will automatically attack nearby enemies.
  • Mine Glove - This weapon shoots mines which hover towatrd enemies and explode on contact.
  • Morph-o-Ray
  • Omni-Wrench 8000 - Your trusty wrench is useful throughout the whole game. You can perform a standard strike, a vertical hyper-strike, and a comet-strike to attack distant enemies.
  • Pyrociter - A flamethrower that is useful against smaller enemies. Powerful at the start of the game, but has a short range and chews up ammo quickly.
  • RYNO - The ultimate bad boy. Fires several small homing missiles that will obliterate your target.
  • Suck Cannon - Suck small enemies in, and then fire them back out as lethal projectiles.
  • Taunter - Attracts enemies to you. Useful for pulling enemies into hazardrous areas.
  • Tesla Claw
  • Visibomb
  • Walloper 3000 -

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

- 24 weapons, 3 wrenches

  • Blitz Gun - A shotgun type weapon that deals major damage to enemies in close range. Not very useful at longer ranges. Upgrades to the blitz cannon, which is more powerful and has a higher rate of fire.
  • Bomb Glove - A weapon that enables ratchet to throw bombs at his enemies. Relatively weak.
  • Bouncer - This weapon fires a large bomb, that explodes into smaller bombs and damages surrounding enemies. This upgrades to the heavy bouncer, which is larger and more powerful.
  • Chopper - A blade that spins and continually hits an enemy. It can hit an enemy three times before disappearing. This weapon upgrades to the MultiStar, which will split in two after hitting an enemy.
  • Clank Zapper - A mod that enable clank to zap enemies with a green beam. Very expensive and not very useful on its own.
  • Decoy Glove - This will create an inflatable version of ratchet that will attract the attention of enemies until it is destroyed.
  • Gravity Bomb - This weapon fires a very powerful bomb, that will damage all enemies in a close vicinity. A direct hit will usually instantly kill an enemy. Upgrades to the mini nuke, which is even more powerful and has a wider blast radius.
  • Hoverbomb Gun - A bomb that hovers. It can be steered into enemies and it does major damage. A downside is that it can be difficult to control. Upgrades to the tetrabomb Gun, which shoots five bombs instead of one.
  • Lancer - The standard gun that Ratchet starts off with. It has a high rate of fire and a lot of ammo, but a single shot does very little damage. Upgrades to the heavy lancer, which is more powerful and has a higher rate of fire.
  • Lava Gun - This weapon shoots lava at enemies. It has quite a short range. Upgrades to the Meteor Gun, which shoots small meteors at enemies.
  • Minirocket Tube - A powerful rocket launcher type weapon. Upgrades to the megarocket cannon. This lets ratchet fire charged shots that can fire upto 4 rockets at one time.
  • Miniturret Glove - When fired, it will create a small turret that will fire at enemies on screen. quite useful in arena battles. It upgrades to the Megaturret glove, which fires mini rockets instead of bullets.
  • Omni Wrench - Rathcet's standard melee weapon that can also be used to screw bolts to open doors and raise bridges.
  • Plasma Coil - This weapon shoots electric bolts at enemies. The bolts can 'jump' between enemies and and it does a considerable amount of damage. Upgrades to the plasma storm, which is simply more powerful.
  • Pulse Rifle - A powerful sniper rifle which takes down many enemies in one hit. It has very little ammo capacity and has a slow rate of fire. Upgrades to the vaporizer, which is even more powerful, and explodes on impact, damaging surrounding enemies.
  • RYNO II - A very powerful rocket launcher that targets multiple enemies at once and destroys them in one hit. It is very expensive and destabilising to game play, so the player will only acquire enough bolts to purchase the weapon during a second play through.
  • Seeker Gun - This gun fires a rocket that will automatically go the the nearest enemy and explode. Upgrades to the HK22 gun, which fires 3 rockets in succession.
  • Sheepinator - This weapon will gradually turn the enemy into harmless sheep. Upgrades to the Black Sheepinator, which will turn enemies into black sheep that run into enemies and explode.
  • Shield Charger - This weapon creates a shield around ratchet. It absorbs enemy fire and damages any enemy that touches it. Upgrades to the Tesla barrier, which also shoots electric bolts at enemies in ratchet's vicinity.
  • Spiderbot Glove - This weapon activates a small spider that can be controlled by ratchet. Ratchet can explode the spider when it reaches the enemy. It upgrades to the tankbot glove, which enables ratchet to control a small tank that can fire at enemies and explode.
  • Synthenoid - When fired, a group of small, ratchet like robots will appear and shoot at on screen enemies. A useful weapon again hordes of enemies. Upgrades to the killonoid. These robots are more powerful and last for longer.
  • Tesla Claw - This gun shoots a bolt of electricity at enemies. Weaker than the plasma coil
  • Visibomb Gun - This is a missile that can be guided to its target. Quite weak.
  • Walloper - A large fist that can punch enemies. It requires no ammo, but quite weak.
  • Zodiac - A weapon that instantly destroys every on screen enemy. Like the RYNO II, it is very expensive and can only really be bought during the second play through.

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

- 20 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Agents of Doom -> Agents of Dread
  • Annihilator -> Decimator
  • Bouncer -> Heavy Bouncer
  • Disc-Blade Gun -> Multi-Disc Gun
  • Flux Rifle -> Splitter Rifle
  • Holoshield Glove -> Ultrashield Glove
  • Infector -> Infecto-Bomb
  • Lava Gun -> Liquid Nitrogen Gun
  • Miniturret Glove -> Megaturret Glove
  • N60 Storm -> N90 Hurricane
  • Nitro Launcher -> Nitro Eruptor
  • OmniWrench 8000
  • Plasma Coil -> Plasma Storm
  • Plasma Whip -> Quantum Whip
  • Qwack-o-Ray -> Qwack-o-Blitzer
  • Rift Inducer -> Rift Ripper
  • Shield Charger -> Tesla Barrier
  • Shock Blaster -> Shock Cannon
  • Spitting Hyrda -> Tempest
  • Suck Cannon -> Vortex Cannon

[edit] Ratchet: Deadlocked

- 10 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Arbiter
  • B6 Obliterator
  • Dual Vipers
  • Fusion Sniper Rifle
  • Magma Cannon
  • Mine Launcher
  • Miniturret Gun
  • Omni Wrench
  • Scorpion Flail
  • Shield Launcher
  • The Harbringer

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

- 13 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Omni Wrench
  • Lacerator --> Dual Lacerators
  • Acid Bomb Glove --> Acid Detonator
  • Concussion Gun --> Concussion Cannon
  • Agents of Doom --> Agents of Dread
  • Scorcher --> Incinerator.
  • Bee Mine Glove --> Killer Bee Mine Glove
  • Suck Cannon --> Vortex Cannon
  • Sniper Mine --> Deadeye Mine
  • Mootator --> Armoogeddon
  • Shock Rocket --> Electro Rocket
  • Static Barrier --> Repulser Field
  • Laser Tracer --> Optical Laser Array
  • RYNO --> Rynocirator

[edit] Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

- 15 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Alpha Disruptor
  • Buzz Blades
  • Combuster
  • Fusion Bomb
  • Mag-Net Launcher
  • Nano Swarmers
  • Negotiator
  • Omniwrench
  • Plasma Beasts
  • Predator Launcher
  • Pyroblaster
  • Razor Claws
  • RYNO 5
  • Shard Reaper
  • Shock Ravager
  • Tornado Launcher

[edit] Secret Agent Clank

  • Clank
    • Tie-a-rangs
    • Cuff-Link Bombs
    • Blowtorch Briefcase
    • Jet Boots
    • Clank-Fu Fighting Style
    • Holo-Knuckles
    • Eye of Infinity
  • Ratchet
    • R.Y.N.O.
    • Walloper
    • Plasma Whip
    • Lacerator
    • Bee Mine
    • Mine Launcher
  • Qwark
    • Blaster
    • Super Blaster
    • Fists

[edit] Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty

- 8 weapons, 1 wrench

  • Omniwrench Millenium 12
  • Lightning Ravager
  • Tornado Launcher
  • Magma Combuster
  • Fusion Bomb
  • Alpha Disruptor
  • Predator Launcher
  • Nana Swarmers
  • Bomb Glove

[edit] Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Constructor Pistol-Super Constructor Pistol-Omega Super Constructor Pistol

Constructor Bomb-Super Constructor Bomb-Omega Constructor Bomb

Sonic Eruptor-Super Sonic Eruptor-Omega Sonic Eruptor

Negotiator-Judiciator-Omega Judiciator

Tesla spikes-Storm Spikes-Omega Storm Spikes

Ryno V-Mega Ryno V-Omega Ryno V

Groovytron Glove

Mag-Net Launcher

Mr Zurkon

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