Ratchet and Clank Gold Bolts


[edit] Blarg Station Nebula

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) In the room with the Gadgetron Vendor before the boss fight with the Lizard King, on the right side of the room, hold R1 and jump, then grab onto the ledge above. The Gold Bolt is in one of the holes along the wall, in a room full of frogs. Grab it and get out!

2) You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. Remember where you used the Trespasser to let Clank out into space? Now you can visit as Ratchet! This Gold Bolt is simple to get, and easy to find. Just follow the path and get the Gold Bolt, and yes, it will be in sight no matter what.

[edit] Drek's Fleet

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) From the start, go into the water. Hit the three rings and follow the path until you see three more rings. Go through the three of them and turn around. Go to the right and you will come across a Gold Bolt on the surface.

2) Once you are rightside-up, go back into the laser room. Go through the lasers until you reach a door on the right. Stand on the right corner of the door where the Guards can't see you, and release two Glove of Dooms. These Doomies will kill all of the enemies, but don't go in until you're sure the Guards are dead. Then follow the path. Shoot the Guard in the next room with the Devastator. Keep going and reach a Gold Bolt.

[edit] Gemlik Base

Number Of Bolts: 1

1) After you win the spaceship fight at the end of the level: in the room with the four platforms that get drown in acid every five seconds or so, jump onto the middle platform that stays above the acid and look to your left. Jump into this hole and collect the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Aridia

Number Of Bolts: 4

1) From the spot in which you find Skid McMarx, cross the metal bridge. Go right at the fork in the path and go passed two more metal bridges. To the right will be a boulder you can blow up with your Bomb Glove to reveal a hidden passage to the 1st Gold Bolt on Aridia.

2) In the lava room you found the Trespasser in (Go to the left at the factory
entrance to reach this place), look over the ledge; You will see a rotating platform. Jump down on it. In the middle of this platform will be a Gold Bolt. After you get it, go back to the outer part you landed on and Swingshot up to the main platform.

3) From Skid McMarx's Agent's location, head to the lone island where you climb up from the factory. Long jump (R1 + X while in motion) into the mud. Hop out of the mud and onto a metal ledge, which is a top corner of the factory. From there, jump to the nearest land. Look to the left (or the longer stretch of land) and you will see the Gold Bolt. Go collect it.

4) You will need Ratchet's Magneboots to reach this Gold Bolt. On the left side of the Agent will be metalic ramps you can walk up. Walk up and go into the middle of the big building there. There is your Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Batalia

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) Near the start of the level, go down to where the two big buildings face each other. Go to the one on the left. Get to where the Trespasser entry is, and wall jump. You will eventually reach the Gold Bolt up there.

2) Pass the first bridge with the Tank upon it. Destroy the Tank and go right at the end of the bridge. Glide over to the hard to reach ledge and cross all of the platforms until you eventually will see a Gold Bolt in your sights. Grab the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Eudora

Number Of Bolts: 1

1) From the starting point, go passed the Gadgetron Vendor and drop down to the
area with the 4 Dual Saw Robots. Kill them, and then notice the two steps ahead. Jump on the first step, then turn around and look in first person mode. You will notice a ledge to the left with the only Gold Bolt in this area. Hold R1 and jump towards the ledge. You should be high enough to reach the ledge. Climb up and grab your Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Gaspar

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) At the start of the stage, get in the middle of the platform you are on and look off the ledge opposite of the elevator. You will notice a ledge down there. Jump down and get out your Swingshot, as there are many hooks along the way. You will encounter Pumps that are hooked to Floating Ships. Destroy the Pumps to destroy the Ships. Be sure to destroy every one of these Pumps along the way. Keep going on until you will eventually reach a mountain area. Climb the mountain and destroy the Pump. On the way down, you will spot another. Destroy it. The reason I note these are the fact that they aren't simple to find. Continue along the path until you reach the final island. There are four Pumps here. Destroy them to reveal the path to the Gold Bolt. Hop along the sinking platforms and reach it.

2) Note that this is one of the harder parts in the game, so you should have purchased several energy upgrades before attempting to get this. From the elevator that you found the Pilot's Helmet on, look off the northeast ledge to see a Volcano Hole. Glide down into it. This path is simple in design, but very complex in battles. Tons of Gun-Toting Robots are down here, as well as Clinger Robots, Pup-Robots, and Reproducing Machines. Be careful. Reach the end to take the elevator up and grab the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Hoven

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) From the start, keep moving and turn right when you get the chance. Kill all of the annoyances in this area to get a Skill Point, then notice a platform turned vertically. You can wall jump in between this and the mountain, however, it takes very good timing. Once you are up there, grab the Gold Bolt. Afterwards, jump down. An additional strategy from Rik Smit: "It's not just the timing, it's knowing when and, more importantly, where to jump.... After you kill all the Ankle-biters (with the Walloper, see below) you are faced with the task of wall-climbing to the Gold Bolt with the aid of a vertical moving platform. Once you know how this is very easy. Just stand in the middle between the wall and the platform. When the platform is at its lowest point start your wall-climbing by jumping against the WALL, not the
platform and just keep wall-jumping up. This way you will always end up on the plateau to collect this (now very easy) Gold Bolt; if successful the jumps are: wall, platform, wall, platform and landing on the top of the plateau. I discovered this because I kept jumping over the top of the moving platform when it was at its highest point, instead of on top of the plateau.
So I decided to start my wall-jumping the other way around, and to my amazement I landed on top of the plateau. I immediately jumped off to try it again, just to see if it was a fluke, but I succeeded three times in a row."

2) In the room in which you fill and drain water from with the Hydrodisplacer, fill the water to the top. Then swim down to the last room you took water from. Swim in and then surface to the top. There will be a Gold Bolt there. Collect the bad boy.

[edit] Planet Kalebo III

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) During the Grind Rail Mission, you will encounter three small buttons to hit. One is on the main course, the other two are on a separate grind rail specifically for the two buttons. This rail will be to the right. Afterwards, go left to get off of that rail. Up ahead will be a rail that had a force field blocking it. Jump on that rail and follow it to get your Gold Bolt.

2) After the grinding area, go to the platform that the Grind Rail stands on. Look over the ledge to find a platform. Jump down and go into the pod. You will be in an odd room with lots of chickens. Grab the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Kerwan

Number Of Bolts: 3

1) At the entrance to the area where you first spot the train, you will notice a narrow platform you can climb up on the right wall. Hold R1 and jump towards it to have Ratchet hang on. Climb up and jump from platform to platform. Be careful and patient. Eventually, you will reach the Gold Bolt.

2) You will need one of Clank's gliding abilities to reach this Gold Bolt. From the platform that your ship is on, center yourself in the middle and jump off while gliding. Face the platform as you glide down. You will notice traffic coming from a hole. Glide into this area and you will find the 2nd Gold Bolt.

3) You will need one of Clank's gliding abilities to reach this Gold Bolt. Go to Captain Qwark's fitness tryout, and get passed the first island. Go toward the top of the second island, and look around off to the side for an area in the distance that you can reach by gliding there. This will have the Gold Bolt on it, as well as a few crates. Take the taxi back to your ship afterwards.

[edit] Planet Novalis

Number Of Bolts: 3

1) From the landing area, go right into the watery area with the platforms. Go up the yellow platforms and come to a room with red trim. Look to the left as you enter the room; you should see a set of stair-like platforms. Do NOT
climb these. However, walk over to them. You should notice that the walls are perfect for a wall jump. Wall jump several times between this area to reach a ledge that has the Gold Bolt upon it.

2) From the landing area, head back behind your ship/where you landed. You will find a screw passed the water. Hold onto the screw with the [] button, and turn the D-Pad or Left Analog Pad clockwise or counter-clockwise. Go through here. To the right will be a deep pool of water. Swim through the hole in the wall in the pool to reach the other side. Jump all the way down. To your left will be a boulder you can blow up with your Bomb Glove. After destroying it, go through the newly opened hole and find the Gold Bolt.

3) You will need Clank's Hydro-Pack to get this Gold Bolt. From the landing point, jump down to the ground where all of the Robots and Bees are. Continue until you reach the old house that leads to the busted up bridge. Jump in the
water and go underwater, continuing to go owards the house and eventually under the house and leading to a secret area. Swim against the current by holding R1. When you surface, you will be in a new area. Explore this very easy cubbyhole to find the third Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Oltanis

Number Of Bolts: 4

1) From the main platform, go left and to the metal walkway. Follow this path until you reach the icy path with the Tesla Robot Trap. Look to the right and you will notice a Gold Bolt. Go over and get it.

2) From the 1st Gold Bolt in this area, hang on the upcoming cliff area and hold right until you see the Gold Bolt. Jump up and grab it.

3) Along the straightforward path that leads to the InfoBot for Planet Quartu, on the first "Line" path, turn around and notice a Swingshot Hook above and to the left. Swing up and grab it.

4) After completing all of the missions on this Planet, a cut-scene will ensue. Take the platform elevator down and hit the button to reveal several Swingshot hooks. Swing across the yellow hooks until you reach a circular platform. From here, look to your left and notice a ship that comes around that carries a green Swingshot hook. Hook onto this and quickly hook onto the yellow Swingshot hook. You will have to do this several times in the near uture. When you reach a platform with nowhere to go, look left for another one of those green hook carrying ships. Hook onto it and continue until you reach the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Orxon

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) In the field of bombs that you entered as Clank, come back as Ratchet after getting the O2 Mask. You will see the Gold Bolt atop a disgusting looking ledge that looks like the insides of a beast. You will need to blow up five layers of skin out of the thing's mouth with Visibomb Gun ammo. Go to the second Gadgetron Vendor that you can only reach as Ratchet and follow the path to the right. It will eventually lead to the disgusting thing. Go inside its throat and get the Gold Bolt.

2) From the landing site, enter the area to your right. Go to the newly opened left corridor right before three large pillars, and you will notice on one of the walls in the tucked in area that it is a wall jump area! Wall jump up to get the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Pokitaru

Number Of Bolts: 1

1) From the beginning, go forward and passed the first fish area. Go straight and drop into the water. Along the side of this wall, look for a hole. Go into the hole and surface in the next area. Climb the platforms and Slam (Jump + R1 in mid-air) on the lock to build a bridge. Swingshot over. Climb the platforms as you ignore/kill the annoying enemies. When you reach the highest platform, put on your Heli-Pack and High Jump up to the ledge. Climb it and collect the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Quartu

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) YOU NEED THE CODE BOT TO GET THIS!!! Look around the area for the pod where Clank transforms into Mega-Clank. Use the Code-Bot to unlock a storage area, which carries a Gold Bolt and a LOT of bolts.

2) In the room where you visit Clank's Mother, look for a Swingshot hook. Use it to reach the Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Rilgar

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) In the cell maze room, jump on the Manhole Cover. Turn to the area you just exited and jump on the circular platform on the frame of the maze. Facing this way, the Gold Bolt is all the way in the right upper hand corner. So walk very carefully straight, then eventually to the right. Land in the cell and grab the Gold Bolt. Hit the button and you will be put out where you started out.

2) You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. Remember the Rising Water area that probably annoyed you? Well, now you can swim underwater without drowning! So go ahead and return to the area. Remember the swirling ramp where the Slime Splitters attacked? Go to that area and look where the ramp begins. Go deep underwater and look for an entrance to a secret area. Follow it. It will lead to a Gold Bolt.

[edit] Planet Umbris

Number Of Bolts: 2

1) As you travel deep into Qwark's dwelling, you will encounter fences that you
will have to travel in a maze while a turret shoots at you. Shortly after this, you will reach a bridge that you reach via Swingshotting. To the right is a locked door. Go to it. On the right of this will be a ledge with activators on it. Jump over and hit all three to make the door open. Backtrack and go inside for the Gold Bolt.

2) In the room with the big pools, go through the first pool. Once you climb up from inside of the second pool, look off of the ledge to see a closed in area you can jump into. Glide down and get the Gold Bolt. Activate the three buttons to get out of the room.

[edit] Planet Veldin

Number Of Bolts: 3

1) In the area after the first Hydrodisplacer Space, there will be a circular platform with Hoppers on it. Kill them and get on it. Face where you just came from and look left. Use the Taunter on the Hopper inside the force field area. He will hit the switch to deactivate the force field. Grab the Gold Bolt inside.

2) Go to the area past the floating platforms where you see two yellow swingshot hooks but do NOT go across them yet. Turn around 180 degrees. Off to your left is a series of platforms. Follow these platforms to find a bolt. Be careful of the last jump, as the ceiling over the platform is low enough that it could block a jet-pack assisted jump if you're not careful.

3) From the first bolt, continue on and go across the floating platforms. Swingshot across the yellow hooks and pass the Invinco-Lock. Follow the path and stop when you reach the green hook. You will see a circular platform. Search the right of the screen to see another platform. Glide down to it and use the grind rail. Follow the path until you reach the end and Wall Jump the Wall Jump area. Gold Bolt gotten.

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