RYNO Blueprint Locations


[edit] RYNO Blueprints

Throughout the game, pieces of a full blueprint for the R.Y.N.O 4 are scattered. You collect the pieces of the blueprint and bring them back to The Smuggler. He will create the super weapon for you based on the plans. There is an area in your Menu area that will show you a picture with all of your pieces, as well as the missing pieces.

[edit] Locations

[edit] Kortog

Start flying from the pad near your ship and fly past the hall of knowledge and keep flying in the same direction until you see another area similar to the entrance to the hall of knowledge, go down one of the two entrances and destroy every crate until you find the holo-plan, if you keep going you will come out the other entrance.

[edit] Mukow

Go to the ferris wheel and get on it, about quater of the way round you will see an area to your right and below you land on there destroy all the crates and you will find the holo-plan

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