Quantos/Search Zolar Forest

Search Zolar Forest is the first mission on Planet Quantos in A Crack in Time[1]. It occurs as soon as Ratchet and Captain Qwark find themselves marooned on a mysterious island. It is the first Ratchet mission of the game.

[edit] Description

"There are signs of intelligent life on this planet. Explore with Qwark and find out who lives here." - Mission List[2]

[edit] Strategy

First, explore the area where the player gains control. Doing this, you will find large crates full of bolts, the main currency in the series. You'll need these later on to purchase a new weapon. After you do that, go straight ahead and follow Qwark down the path until he is ambushed by small monsters. Shoot them with the provided Constructo Blaster (use R1 to fire); one shot should take each one down. After they're dead, Qwark will carry on. However, falling below the bridge will reward you with a large ammo crate and many small bolt crates - take this, then make your way back up to the bridge to continue following Qwark. Again, he'll be ambushed by Zyphoids, and using the same strategy works. Make sure to get the bolt crates on the right. Jump across, destroying the Explosive Crates on the way with your Constructo Pistol or Omniwrench, and use the Bolt Crank to drop the bridge. Qwark will kick in the door and a small cutscene will occur - ignore the Gold Bolt for now; it's impossible to obtain at the moment. After the cutscene, go forward and jump up the mysterious floating rocks, then shoot the big Zyphoids that attack Qwark, then continue ahead. Once you reach the other side, use the GrummelNet Vendor to purchase a Constructo Bomb, which costs exactly 1000 bolts. Afterwards, use the Bolt Crank and wait for Qwark to break down the door once again. Once he does, use your new weapon to quickly eradicate the Zyphoids, and meet up with the Fongoid mother on the other side. Finding her will end the mission.

[edit] Gold Bolts

  • None
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