Obani Draco


[edit] Obani Draco

The third Obani Moon in the Zygan System, Draco, is actually Courney Gear's place and secret hideout. In addition to relaxing with her groupees, this is the base where she shoots all her music videos and...oh yeah, helps Dr. Nefarious plot how to take over the world. Skidd is in trouble and Ratchet and Clank are going to need to pinpoint his location in order to save him.

[edit] Mission 1: Find Skidd


1. Do not step on the radioactive liquid!

2. Head through the electromagnetic tunnels

3. Discover where Skidd is being kept

[edit] Mission 2: Beat Courtney Gears


1. Courtney will send out her backup dancers out of their go-go cages and onto Ratchet. They will damage him if they do manage to do a number on him with their twirling dance moves.

2. After her back-up dancers are gone, Courntey will throw electric objects at you. She gives you a few seconds to attack before she vanishes and sends her dancers back out. She will also send a shockwave across the floor and you will need to hop over it. This will happen when crates and gadgetron ammo crates appear along the perimeter of the arena.

3. The next one, Courtney will be in her go-go cage, a perfect chance to attack her while she won't attack you. The downside is that her back-up dancers will come out and attack you, making it difficult to focus on Courtney.

4. Courtney will start to do a few of her own dance moves. Try to avoid and strike at her with your weapons until she gives up.

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