Nightmare Box

Nightmare Box
File:Nightmare Box.png
First Available Planet Yerek
Cost 15,000 Bolts
Upgrades To Terroriser (V3)
Minimum Ammo 04
Ammo Cost 2 bolts

The Nightmare Box is a weapon in Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus. This weapon summons a scary monster from a parallel universe to shock enemies into fear, making them easy prey to Ratchet's work. It is first available after Ratchet receives the Grav-Tether on Planet Yerek[1], at a cost of 15,000 bolts.

"This handy gadget summons ghosts and goblins from a parallel universe. Perfect for fighting off enemies, or exploiting the carpool lane." - Into the Nexus Inventory Screen

[edit] References

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