[edit] Mylon

Mylon is where Ratchet and Clank go when Sasha's desperate call leads the two of them to believe that this may be their final encounter witht the evil Dr. Nefarious. There is a second and even more powerful Bi-O-Biterator waiting for them, and the Evil Doc is not going to make it easy for them to get to.

[edit] Mission 1: Visit Slim Cognito's [optional]

Head to Slim's on Aquatos and their is a new weapon up for grabs, the Shield Charger. It is definitely a weapon to take a look at.

[edit] Mission 2: Battle Your Way to the Launch Site


1. Fight the RoboNoids

2. Talk Tyhrranese

3. Locate the Titanium Bolt

4. Climb the ladder for the Lawrence Trophy

5. Reach the launch site

[edit] Mission 3: Defeat Dr. Nefarious


1. Avoid Nefarious' attacks

2. Take the fight outside

3. Fight with the Ranger thriugh Nefarious' defenses

4. Finish the battle

[edit] Mission 4: Defeat the Biobliterator


1. The Biobliterator will send out wav after wave of dozens and dozens of heatseeking missiles that will seek out and locate Ratchet and Clank no matter where they are. It has no other attack.

2. Get in the Hovership and defeat it.

[edit] Weapons

  • Shield Charger

[edit] Level Extras

  • Lawrence Trophy - See Trophies
  • Titanium Bolt - During Mission 2, head to the left after riding the elevator platform to the top and drop off the ledge and back down to the ground level, landing on the opposite side of the force field below. You will find the Titanium Bolt in the alcove.
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