[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

After receiving the President's transmission, Ratchet and Clank travel to the green, overgrown forests in Florana. Ratchet and Clank are searching for the only person that has ever defeated Dr. Nefarious, a mysterious old man. Finding him is their top priority in this planet.

[edit] Mission 1: Find the Mysterious Man

This is an overview of the beautiful planet Florana

Ratchet and Clank will work their way through a path. Soon, they will fend off a few natives and finally reach the Swamp Monster. After defeating this monster, Ratchet will tackle the next set of Natives and jump up the to the top of the building. Three sets of natives will attack Ratchet and Clank in waves, so have a good weapon in stock. Climb up the yellow ladder and there are more natives waiting for you. After all of the natives, you will see a sparkling trophy if you continue forward. Grab it and return to the Jump Slot and you will see a zipline. Ratchet will use his wrench to grind down to the platform below if you jump on it. You will have to deal with a barrage of enemies once you are down below. Once they are no longer a threat, climb the ladder and ride the zipline again. At the end of the ride, Ratchet and Clank will finally meet the old man.

[edit] Mission 2: Walk the PATH OF DEATH

After finding the old man, but before they speak to him he instantly demands them to walk the PATH OF DEATH. If the pair can survive this deadly path, he will reveal his identity. The first hazard is a series of collapsing platforms that you must jump from one to one without falling below. Have a weapon equipped to defeat the Natives when you go to the other side. Next are the boulders. You must avoid these at all times, and since they fall in a random order, just keep your eye peeled before they crush you. Continue until you get to the fire traps. These are easy to pass as long as you get the timing correct. And yet another new hazard appears. The series of extending walls will flatten Ratchet and Clank if they do not get through, and there are fire traps before each set. Just wait for the flame jets to switch off then start running towards the walls. Watch the patterns of the fire and the walls and you should be through it soon enough. The last part of this is easy. It consists of a combination of rolling boulders and fire traps. Take your time and and watch where the boulders are being dropped, avoiding traps. Be sure to max out your ammo at the Gadgetron Vendor when you finish the course. Told old man approaches them and reveals himself as none other than Captain Qwark! The crazed loon starts to attack you.

[edit] Mission 3: Defeat Captain Qwark

Captain Qwark, a once great superhero, is in a fragile state of mind. Having gone through too many tests at the MegaCorp Labs, he has turned into an eccentric. It is Ratchet and Clank's job to bring him back to the President.

[edit] Captain Qwark's Attacks

1. He will throw razor sharp boomerang. He has learned from the Natives how to get a really close aim. Stay back and face him, using L2 and R2 to jump and avoid the attack.

2.When he has thrown his boomerang, Qwark will then attack close range if you are too close to him.

3. Whenever a third of his health disappears, he calls in natives to help him try and defeat you.

Once you jump and avoid his projectile, start shooting him with your N60 Storm. Continue to shoot using this weapon until one third of his health has vanished. Staying with the N60 Storm, shoot down the Natives. They are very easy to defeat. If needed, Gadgetron Ammo Crates can be found around the arena. Do the same exact thing for the next third of his health. Defeat the Natives and stay with him, eventually he will raise the white flag and give up. At the end of the battle, Captain Q's native mask will fall on Ratchet's head and the eccentric man will think that Ratchet is his new leader and follows Ratchet into the ship.

[edit] Level Extras

  • You can buy the Plasma Whip from the Gadgetron Vendor
  • Jackpot Crate - Specially marked crate that multiplies all bolts and experience Ratchet collects and gains by two for approximately 30 seconds. Use this time wisely.
  • Bolt Bonus - The green glass globes lining the left path can be broken for Bolts. Each one gives an extra 24 bolts.
  • Always max out your ammo each time you come to a Gadgetron Vendor.
  • Inferno Crate - Give Ratchet an increased Armor and OmniWrench power for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Wall jump by jumping towards one wall and pressing X and then hit X again just as you hit the wall. Continue until you reach where you want to be.
  • Buy the N60 Storm at the Gadgetron Vendor
  • When you are walking the PATH OF DEATH, before continuing across the next set of flame jet platforms, stop and turn to the right, then center the camera by pressing L1. Across the way you will see a Titanium Bolt. Carefully glide your way over to it.

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