Ratchet and Clank will find a variety of different crates throughout his galactic adventures and these wooden ones are the most common. Filled with Bolts, busting them open is always a surprise.


[edit] Gadgetron Ammo Crate

Thanks to the employees at Gadgetron, these crates can be found scattered all through out the planets of this game that Ratchet and Clank visit. Marked by their trademark "G" on their sides, Gadgetron Ammo crates contain the latest in Gadegtron ammunition inside. While the ammo inside is fairly random, Ratchet usually gets the same ammo for the weapon that he is wielding.

[edit] Nanotech

The glass crates that have something glowing inside of them are called Nanotech crates. This glowing objects will be what keep Ratchet fit and healthy throughout the game. The energy inside of the crate will heal any injuries from the inside out using Nanobots. Recent advances in Nanotechnology allow ratchet to suck in Nanomites by defeating enemies which continually increase the the maximum amount of Nanotech he can carry.

The more enemies Ratchet kills = the more Nanotech he gets. You start out the game with ten, but it gradually increases to an awesome 100.

[edit] Jackpot Crate

These crates multiply all bolts and experience Ratchet collects by two for an exact time period of 30 seconds. As soon as you crack open one of these babies, quickly locate as many crates and enemies that you can find and smash them as fast as you can. You will know when this crate is running out of time when you hear the sound of a clock ticking down your last seconds.

[edit] Inferno Crate

When you break these open, the crate will give Ratchet increased armor and OmniWrench power for a time period that is said to be twenty seconds. When you are in this mode, one whack of your wrench will most likely kill most moderately armored monsters and Ratchet will be pretty much invulnerable.

[edit] Explosive Crates

These are red-colored crates that are packed with enough explosives to cause harm to anything within a few feet of them. They are motion sensitive and will start their detonation process if Ratchet gets too close. Once the detonation process has begun, you will only have a few seconds to clear their blast radius or risk taking damage. The best way to deal with them is to either lightly brush next to one and then retreat a safe distance or, better yet, stay back and use the Comet Strike move to detonate them from far away.

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