Combat Devices

[edit] Combat Devices

Combat Devices are a new addition to the series. They are weapon-like, and some are pretty handy at times, but have low ammo (which is pretty expensive). Below is a list of the Devices in the game.
  • Confuzzler Gas
    • Throw out a little gas-bomb and watch all the enemies near you get confused and start attacking each other.
  • Death Springs
    • Like slinkies of doom, they home in on enemies, and create explosive results.
  • Groovitron/Golden Groovitron
    • A disco ball-like grenade that makes enemies dance to different 80's tunes, one being "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees. The Groovitron shoots out an actual disco ball that floats above all the enemies. Immediately, the ball starts spinning and all the enemies in a certain (large) range start dancing uncontrollably. While they are temporarily stunned, you can either run or just take them all out one at a time. In Challenge Mode, the Device Vendor in Cobalia offers you a Golden Groovitron. This Groovitron gives you an unlimited amount of ammo, and costs 2,000,000 raritanium.
  • Leech Bomb/Mega Leech Bomb
    • There are two versions of this device available, both with low ammo capacity. You throw out a little object and it collects some HP from enemies that are nearby. The second version of the device allows you to collect a lot more HP from enemies.
  • Mr. Zurkon
    • A little floating combat bot that has his own mini arsenal, and even a skin of Captain James. Mr.Zurkon can be called by Ratchet to help him take out enemies. He also taunts enemies and makes comments on the battlefield. Very similar to the helper bots of Deadlocked, and past 'Synthenoid' weapons of the series.
  • Transmorpher
    • This is obviously the new morphing weapon...changing enemies into penguins. There are different penguin types - some with beany scarves, some with Qwark caps, and another chin-starp penguin. Others include the variety of the hats- some are black, others are red, green, white, or blue. Don't forget the monacles! It's a combat device, rather than an actual gun. When smashing the penguins, it causes a snow effect.
  • Visicopter
    • Shoot out a mini helicopter that you can use to attack enemies. Ratchet does not move, but gets a first person view of the copters vision path. Exactly like the past weapon of the series with the same name.

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