Bolts are the main currency in all Ratchet and Clank games, which can be used to buy new weapons, armor, gadgets, and, in later games, weapon upgrades.


[edit] Location

Bolts are available from numerous sources. The 2 most common ways of obtaining them are killing enemies and smashing crates found in each level. However, you can also obtain bolts from anything breakable objects in the Ratchet and Clank Universe, such as lamps, lights, vases, machines, glass, and even plants. You can also obtain bolts by completing side-quests such as Hoverbike racing or winning various tournaments. Also, in Ratchet and Clank a Metal Detector was obtained from The Plumber on the planet Batalia, which enables Ratchet to find underground bolts and suck them up.

[edit] Special Bolts

As well as the standard Bolts, you an acquired rarer kind of bolts such as Gold Bolts,Platinum Bolts, and Titanium Bolts throughout the levels, which could be used to buy Gold Weapons, Weapon Modifications and Skins.

[edit] Gold Bolts

Gold Bolts were first seen in the original Ratchet and Clank. Compared to ordinary bolts, they were extremely valuable and could be used to purchase Gold Weapons--special upgrades of certain weapons, as well as unlock various extras in the Goodies menu. They have also appeared in Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time.

[edit] Platinum Bolts

Platinum Bolts were rare and valuable bolts only found in the remote parts of planets in the Bogon Galaxy in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. These could be exchanged for weapon modifications from traders such as Slim Cognito. However, they have not appeared in any other titles.

[edit] Titanium Bolts

Titanium Bolts can be found, like Platinum Bolts, in the remote parts of the galaxy of Solana in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. They can be used to purchase Skins and, in Ratchet and Clank: Going Mobile, obtain the R.Y.N.O. These bolts have also made an appearance in Ratchet and Clank: Going Mobile, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, and Secret Agent Clank.

[edit] Planets with Bolt Revenues

The planets and missions that gave the user to gain higher amount of bolts that would usually be obtainable.

[edit] Ratchet and Clank

Novalis - Although the amount is small compared to planets later in the game, it holds a good number of crates and breakable objects as well as a fair amount of enemies to kill.
Kerwan - With a load of breakables and hordes of enemies, this planet is rich in bolts, even more so a second time round.
Eudora - This breakable planet is a great place to earn bolts. Through use of the Suck Cannon and Wrench, it's easy to take out all the enemies without having to waste ammo and effectively save bolts. The machinery flying around also serve as a valuable source of bolts, especiall the red Axebots due to their size. Apart from air units, they give roughly 4000 Bolts.
Rilgar - After completing the hover board race, redoing it is a great way to earn bolts and enhance your skills on the board. Also, enemies can easily be beaten with the Pyrocitor.
Hoven - Although annoying to navigate, it can earn you large quantities of bolts.
Pokitaru - With loads of easy-to-beat enemies, you can easily gather bolts using the Pyrocitor, Suck Cannon and Wrench. As well as the added bonus of a Gold Bolt path with even more enemies and crates.

[edit] Going Commando

Oozla - Simply by repeating this planet over and over and over again, you gain gain thousands of Bolts.
Barlow - Racing in the Hoverbike race again and again is a great way to earn bolts, and going around the two paths also lands you a Nice sum of bolts.
Boldan - Get the cruise ship to Dobbo and there are hordes of enemies to beat simply with the Wrench
Damosel - loads of crates and loads of enemies, some are even hard enough to beat to get a decent amount of Bolts from.
Grelbin - Though beating the Yeti is tough, getting the Moonstones is worth while with the New Age Mystic. Not only that, but the little bots and crates also give out bolts.
Maktar Nebula - The Casino is a bolt mine with the countless breakables. Be sure to break every single one.
Tabora - Much like Grelbin, the crystal collecting brings lots of bolts. But beating Dunemonsters the Seeker Gun and the Plasma Coil is another great way to earn bolts.
Notak - Is a haven for breakable objects. Much like the Maktar Nebula, there are many lampposts, light, etc to break.

[edit] Up Your Arsenal

Annihilation Nation - Get as far as you can in the Power Gauntlet and battles. The hovering cameras are also breakable.
Aquatos - Collecting Sewer Crystals for The Plumber will earn you alot of Bolts. Use the Quack-O-Ray and the Quack-O-Blitzer, as they don't use ammo.
Aridia - Repeating the mission on this level will gain you alot of bolts, despite the value decreases each time.
Koros - Smash everything and anything.

Although defeating enemies is a good source of bolts, but the breakables are the main source of getting them. Be sure to have the Box Breaker and the Zelderin Starport and start hyper striking over the planet.

Marcadia - Although there are many breakables on this planets, but you'll earn the most bolts re doing missions at the presidential palace.
Metropolis - Because of the increased strength of the robotic Tyrranoids on this planet you can earn a lot of bolts, not to mention the breakables.
Rilgar - The missions are the main source of bolts.

[edit] Deadlocked

In this game there isn't really a best place to earn bolts bar the blow battle, but the main method is to skip a little of the enemies as possible. You can earn tons of bolts in the DreadZone, complete most of the missions and win as many battles as you can.

  • EndZone (DreadZone) This is the most fun way to earn bolts throughout the game, and have the opportunity to earn tons in the challenge mode. How you do it is up to you but as a suggestion attach the Scorpian/Leviathan flail and whack the group when a group of swarmers come towards you. When the larger enemies start crashing in simply whack them with the flail and the smaller enemies shall get beaten by the shock waves. When you can afford to, or the opportunity allows it keep attaching the jackpot mods and keep on flailing to earn millions at one time. However you can use the Vulcan Cannon whilst moving from left to right across the end zone, even more so when the weapon is at v99. Just by adding and doing all of this you can earn millions, and even more so in Challange Mode.

[edit] Size Matters

Metalis - Loaded with bots and bolts and bots. Equip the Polariser and you can enter the hidden area which has a teleporter to take you back to the ship. After leaving it you can return back to Metalis and thee shall be loads of boxes as well as a x20 multiplier! Completing the Clank Challenges is also a good source of bolts.
Quodrona - There are tons of breakables to earn bolts, once everything is broken fly to another planet and when you return, you can break them all over again.

[edit] Tools of Destruction

Mukow - Completing tournament challenges is a great way to earn lots of bolts quickly. You should be able to earn thousands of bolts from winning just a few matches.
Ardolis - Because it is the planet of the pirates, there are tons of bolts to be found.

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