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[edit] Arena Battles

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

One of the major additions to the R&C series began in this game. They are known as Arena Battles, and can be found at two different areas of the game.

The first arena you come across in the Maxtar Nebula. You will follow the left path from the start of the level and eventually make it to the arena. More challenges are unlocked when you beat the challenge there for you already. Some need to be beaten to progress the story, while others are extras there to add fun and give you more bolts if you manage to beat them. The battles in the first arena consist of:

* Battle For Electrolyzer (need to beat to progress the story)
* Hazard Challenge: Watch Your Step!
* Chainblade Challenge
* Time Challenge: Kill 30 Enemies in 30 Seconds
* Time Challenge: Kill 60 Enemies in 60 seconds
* Battle the B2 Brawler
* Mega Challenge!
* Limited Weapon Challenge: Use only 300 Heavy Lancr Shots
* Tag Team Battle: Chainblade and B2 Brawler
* Endurance Challenge
* Ultimate Challenge
* Timed Avoidance Challenge: Dodge Chainblade for 2 Minutes!

Arena gc1.jpg

The second arena is located on Planet Joba. You take the main path (straight) and eventually you will make it to the arena. Like the other arena, you partake in various challenges. Some you need to complete to progress the story, while others are there for fun and a chance to get some extra bolts. The arena challenges on this planet consist of:

* Battle for the Gravity Boots (need to beat to progress the story)
* Cage Match for the Infiltrator (need to beat to progress the story)
* Arachnoid Battle
* Damage Avoidance Challenge: Don't Take A Hit!
* Hazard Cage Match: Look Out Below!
* Time Challenge: Kill 90 Enemies in 90 Seconds
* Megapede Battle
* Limited Weapon Challenge: Use Only The Wrench
* Time Challenge: Kill Megapede in 3 Minutes
* Damage Avoidance Challenge: Don't get hit by Megapede!
* Timed Limited Weapon Challenge: Lancer all enemies in 60 seconds
* Impossible Challenge (60 rounds of battle; includes some boss battles)

Arena uya2.jpg

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Arena battle is back and more explosive than ever. It returns in the form of Annihilation Nation, a battle arena found early in the game. Unlike the last R&C game, there is only one battle arena to go to, but it has many more challenges than both arenas from the last game put together.

You are first told about Annihilation Nation when you need to learn about Dr. Nefarious, the evil bad guy of the game. Ratchet is told that a famous popstar is handing out prizes to those who can beat a challenge at the arena, and she might know some things about Nefarious. So, you go to the arena and attempt to beat the challenge, which is a dangerous obstacle course.

After you beat the challenge, you will be able to play other challenges after you unlock them. Eventually you will run out of challenges, so just come back later in the game and more will appear. There are 31 challenges to beat, and they consist of (in no particular order):

* The Annihilator
* Cremation Station
* Maze of Blaze
* Championship Bout
* Championship Bout II
* The Other White Meat
* Sleep Inducer
* Chop Chop
* Dodge The Twins
* Cycling Weapons
* More Cycling Weapons
* Naptime
* Time to Suck
* One Hit Wonder
* Counting Ducks
* Ninja Challenge
* Suicide Run
* Pyro Playground
* Crispy Critter
* Hydra'n Seek
* Whip it Good
* Onslaught
* 90 Seconds of Carnage
* Two Minute Warning
* Robot Rampage
* The Terrible Two
* Scorpio
* BBQ Boulevard
* Practice Challenge
* Heat Street
* Qwarktastic Battle (100 rounds of battle; includes boss battles)

[edit] Ratchet: Deadlocked

The "arena battles" of this game are quite different from the past games in the series. These battle are more of Tournaments, rather than going to an Arena and doing a bunch of different missions. The Tournaments of the game are:

  • Avenger Tournament
    • Battle through some tough challenges as you attempt to climb up the DreadZone tournament ranks and solidify yourself as a contestant to be rekoned with.
  • Crusader Tournament
    • A place where heroes test their strength and spirit against a myrial of deadly challenges, all leading up to the ultimate battle against DreadZone Exterminator Reactor. Don't forget the battledome shuttle is available 24/7 to take people to the never ending parade of challenges.
  • Vindicator Tournament
    • Battle through a series of unique challenges against bunches of enemies and make it to the battle with the 3rd DreadZone Exterminator 'The Eviscerator'. Watch out for his speed and sharp claws. Please try not to get sliced up too much before dinner.
  • Liberator Tournament
    • Battle though a series of tough challenges that lead up to the battle with the last DreadZone Exterminator Ace Hardlight. Can you make it out of the tournament alive?

[edit] Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

The "arena battles" of this game are not done by Ratchet, but this time by Clank. He has various robotic missions that he can take part in throughout the game. Some tasks include 'Robot Wars' battles, 'Lemmings' missions involving Gadgebots, and many other different fun missions.

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