[edit] Aquatos

One of Dr. Nefarious' many secret labs, this sewer like hideout may hold some secrets about where the Doctor is truly hiding himself. In order to complete Captain Qwark's master plan, they must make their way through this course in order to get to a secret tunnel.

[edit] Mission 1: Infiltrate the Underwater Hideout


1. Team up with Skidd and infiltrate the underwater hideout

2. Swim through underwater tanks

3. Battle Amoeboid Kings for Seven Crystals

4. Discover Titanium Bolts

[edit] Mission 2: Visit Slim Cognito's [optional]


1. Pay your old buddy Slim a visit

2. Acquire free replacement MegaCorp Weapons

[edit] Mission 3: Find Nefarious' Office


1. Explore ventilation shaft as Clank

2. Use the BGAMD

3. Talk to Tyhrranoids as Ratchet using the Thyrra-Guise

4. Obtain Star map from Dr. Nefarious' office

5. Command Gadgebots as Clank

[edit] Mission 4: Gather Sewer Crystals [optional]


1. Enter the sewers

2. Find and sell 58 out of 101 Sewer Crystals

3. Collect the remaining 41 Sewer Crystals

4. Find Titanium Bolts

[edit] Weapons

  • Flux Rifle
  • Miniturret Glove
  • Lava Gun

[edit] Level Extras

  • Titanium Bolt #1 - After crossing the first bridge, look for the Hacker Terminal next to the doorway on the left. You will be required to capture twenty code snippets the first stage, fifteen for the second, fifteen for the third, and another twenty on the fourth. It a tough one, but once it's done the platform beyond the door will deliver the first titanium bolt.
  • Titanium Bolt #2 - The second one is located way up at the ceiling level. To get it you are going to have to use Hypershot. Take the bottom level warp pads to the third pad. Head into the sewer then hang a left at the first junction. At the hub, take another left and head up the tunnel. Turn a left at the bridge and use the Hypershot to swing from target to target and grab the Titanium Bolt.
  • Titanium Bolt #3 - This one is off the map, literally. It can be found in the upper section of the sewers along the north end. If you look at the Map, it would be just at the top, above the section opposite the bridges.

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