Alien Queen

[edit] Alien Mother

You face this boss in the Nebula G34 space station. You can get a Skill Point from her if you beat her and her helpers with just your wrench.

The easiest way to beat her is to use the Blaster, or, if you don't have enough ammo, use the Bomb Glove and run around her. When she attempts to bite, flip out of the way and attack her. Sometimes, she will stay away from you, giving you an opportunity to use the Blaster or restore health.

When the frogs attack, use the Suck Cannon on them and fire them at the boss. Performing a stretch jump will get you our of their range for a short period, during which you can line up a hyper strike. With them all beaten, attack the boss until she calls for more reinforcements.

Finally, when the space lizards attack, kill them with the Blaster or remaining Suck Cannon ammo (or Bomb Glove if they get within biting range), before finishing off the boss with any of the above three weapons.

If you're going for the skill point here, run around the boss until she bites, then quickly jump to her side and hyper strike her. The frogs can be beaten by running away from them, turning, attacking, and contuining to run. The space lizards should be attacked with the hyper strike.

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